Wednesday, May 20, 2009


I'm doing so well at the moment
Getting close to my goal
And I'm feeling strong enough to get there and stay there

But I still feel down in the dumps because the damage I've done to my body by being fat is irreversible.

I will never look perfect no matter how much weight I lose, because
I have stretch marks all over my hips and thighs
My boobs are saggy and deflated and ugly
My skin is limp and loose

And maybe it will all improve a little with time, but never enough.
Ugly scars reminding me of how disgusting I was and could easily be again.

Thank you girls all so much for your lovely comments! It's an honour that you can find some hope or inspiration from my blog xx


  1. you're right about the stretch marks. eventually, they look like unhealed scars that have shrunk over time...but they'll never leave. sniffles indeed.

    and saggy boobs...sigh. ah well, atleast you have lost weight! and most of time you won't be wearing bikinis! yay? yay!

  2. I agree, at least you've lost weight. And a little exercise will help the sagging, right? I don't think you'll be that saggy anyway. Thinness is much more noticeable than stretch marks. (Or so my BF keeps telling me... ;-)

  3. I Love the imagery on your blog, like the image of the princess on the mattresses which i think is about the fairy tale, but either way, it's LUSCIOUS ma' darlin' :D

    Also well done, ccongrats. I'd entirely SUCK at the ABC diet.

    SO wow, well done!