Friday, May 29, 2009

So it was a bad day after all

...but at least now I feel thoroughly SICKENED by the thought of food.

I think tomorrow I will make 200cal worth of fruit smoothie in the morning that I will drink throughout the day. Then I have to go to a party (blech) where I will try and pep myself up on a zillion caffeine pills instead of alcohol, and avoid all food temptations.

Could be tough.
But there will be NO purging.
Aside from the fact that it is completely horrid and bad for me, I'm becoming complacent and arousing suspicion. This is NOT good. Even if I lose it and eat/drink at the party, if I stick to just 200 cal during the day it shouldn't be too terrible overall.

OK, feels good to have a plan. Usually if my regime is set in words then it is set in stone.

Come on tomorrow! I have faith in you! You will be a lovely and productive day, full of nice surprises, freshness, clarity, brightness and emptiness.

Til then, adieu
It's time for bed


1 comment:

  1. ah well at least a day thats really bad is usually a good stepping stone to several more unsensible days.

    and i know what you mean about complacency... its so easy, i've nearly been caught a few times recently! xx