Wednesday, May 13, 2009

back in the swing of things

Day 1 done and dusted... Finally a little success!
500 cal again tomorrow and then things start to get serious.

I decided to add a few rules to modify the program so I don't fail again. Firstly I'm going to give myself 100 cal leeway, on any days when I feel I need them except for fasting days. That makes it a little more flexible for me and hopefully will serve to mediate my binges. I'm also going to allow myself an extra 200 cal for any day where I fit in a significant workout (again fasting days excluded). All calories (solid, liquid and... gas?) will be counted except for those in raw veg - they are my super safety foods and if you take them away from me I'll suffer.

Oh, and finally, the occasional slip up WILL be tolerated, but will be harshly punished with running!


  1. hi there

    I've been considering the ABC diet too, but I can't seem to find that much info on it, seems the site doesn't exist anymore?

    Anyhoo, what I mostly wanted to know was the expected weight loss after the 50 days and maybe halfway through it. How are you finding it?



  2. Hey, hun. Yay, I did stay away from the pop-corn, allthough it almost killed me. Even the smell of it is know.

    Good job today, keep going!

    Love, Maria

  3. yay, one down only 49 to go!

    and that is exactly what i want to say to the counsellor... help me stop throwing up, just as long as i dont have to put on any weight!