Tuesday, May 12, 2009

I SUCK - so now what, kids?

How the hell can you fail on day 1???
I mean, seriously, it's a 500cal day! That's not even hard! That's basically what I was eating before I even decided to embark on this abc thing... jeeeeeeeesus

Wagged uni all day, ate fine, doing great, had Faz77 for support (Farah, don't read this, OH THE SHAME) but crumpled last night. I'm usually not even that bad in the evenings! I had about 2/3 of a tub of icecream (2L tubs, yay Australia) in the freezer, and binge/purge/binge/purge/binge/purged my way through the whole thing.

Then I tried to go to bed but I was a bleery teary sobby slobby mess and I couldn't sleep. So when the ex (recent ex) sent me chirpy message I told him I felt bad and he came by with cake and cuddles. He had about 2 bites of the 2 person sized bit of cake and I gobbed up the rest, 'tween sniffles.

But I felt much better afterward.
Something sort of clicked back into place.
He went home and I nodded off.

Still, Pasco is a weakling! What gives? I'm back in that nasty out of control seriously miserably horribly god I don't even know how to finish this sentence place. This morning I'm feeling a little more myself. Time for a do over?

Soooo I thought I'd take a poll (albeit one with a very small sample size)

Votes please on Pasco's new plan:

a) Do over for sure, day 1 again, this time do it right
b) Plough on, day 2, as though day 1 never happened
c) Are you kidding, you clearly aren't ready for this! Quit!
d) Try and eat normally, save yourself!
e) Compensate with a good hard fast, loser

Or if you can think of a better option for the list, alternative answers will be accepted.


  1. i would continue on with day 2 -- just take a deep breath - and just do it -- you can!!

  2. Either A or B, but I think you should listen to your heart (aah cheesy!) and do what feels right to you. But don't quit on yourself just because it's the easy way out. You can do this even though it's hard.

    You have all my support during this!

  3. Do what you feel like!:) I would start over and try to do it right. But I think thatyou will make a good choice anyway.
    Good luck and hope you can feel my support .:)

  4. I would start over from the beginning again. Though I think for some of us, when we have that sort of pressure of such a strict regiment, we tend to not do it as well. It's like we say "No" so our body does it to spite us.

  5. plough on with day 2... everyone makes mistakes! i failed on the second day of a much easier plan... staying under 1000 cals! but i'm gonna carry on today like that didnt happen to minimise the damage. you can too! xx

  6. I'd start over too. I think it's the best way, a clean start, you know. I have faith in you and you'll have my complete support whatever you end up with.

    You are absolutely, completely right about what you wrote on my latest post. I really didn't think that an anonymous comment could make me think about my situation this much, but it did. I never thought I could end up having disordered eating habits and I don't understand how can a complete stranger just tell me that I basically have an ed and be sorry for me. it does not make much sense to me. Hard to put this in words, you know. I am scared that I'm losing it and going too far, but how can I when I'm not that close to my goal yet?

    Okey, I seem to be writing a novel here. Ha ha. Anyway I need to tell you that you are the best support i can think of, you almost read my mind. You understand me scary well. Having the exact same starting weight and similar goals is super. Makes you feel like you're not alone.

    So, thanks lovelie and best of luck as always!


  7. I vote for A.
    It is the most logical. Pretend yesterday never happened and move on.

  8. Hmmmm.. I Hate the, ' nasty out of control seriously miserably horribly god I don't even know how to finish this sentence place.' phases, like, SO MUCH! *hugs*

    I think you should do whatever comes naturally to you, like what does your head say???

    I've found that more useful at avoiding binges than anything much else, other than general happiness in my life.

    Le boo though, chin up eh?!


  9. My vote goes to A just because its what I would do.