Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Dream Run

My GOODNESS was I close to quitting last night.
SO close.
My sister made the most delicious smelling dinner...
...and I was poised with my plate and my serving spoon was in the pot

On the brink
And something stopped me

This morning I was rewarded with 53.2 kg (117 lbs)
I was saying before that I should raise my goal from 49 kg to 53 kg so that I can allay the fears of my friends and family for a while. But with this dream run still catapulting along it would be a horrible waste to quit now. I have to keep going...

Today is day 7 of the abc. The end of week 1. I'm so pleased I've made it this far. I had a boiled egg and some berries for breakfast, 150 cal, so I have another 150 cal left for the day. Quite tolerable really :)

All my love my beautiful, beautiful girls
Keep living the dream
We are the special ones


  1. ahh so true, we are the special ones.
    and im so proud of you for saying no!
    god knows i wouldve eaten the pot haha
    and CONGRATS on the weight!!

    stay thin girlie!

    XOXO Sophia Ruins <3

  2. waaaaaaah a whole week! well done, i knew you could do it. it gives me strength to know that you managed to go that long without losing control - there's hope for us all!xx

  3. Well done! :)
    You're being quite inspiring <3

    And I love your picture again. ^^

  4. Wow if ur ultimate goal weight is 49 kilos, u don't have that far to go! U probably will lose all u want by the time the 50 days are up. I can't believe its been a week already, we are both doing pretty good so far...but I'm still jealous of ur weight;)

  5. Ah I'm so proud of you!!! You are fantastic.

    I can't wait until all of my family leaves so I can start melting away with you :)

  6. your doing so well im really proud of you!