Monday, May 11, 2009

Battered, Bruised, Broken

Does anybody have a problem with bruising?

Since I started losing weight I have noticed that I've been bruising more easily. It started out on my squishy spots, particularly my thighs, and anywhere you tend to bump, like shins and hips. Normal places for bruises, but I notice I have WAY more than anybody else I know, or just looking around at other people. My legs are RIDDLED with them. Most disturbingly, they don't really hurt - there's no obvious precipitating injury - they just pop up out of nowhere.

I had a blood test several weeks ago which showed that my platelets (the cells in your blood responsible for clotting) were low, but not hugely so, and a repeat blood test showed them to have come back up again to the lower end of normal.

More recently it's been getting even worse. And in strange places. My lower back is a blotchy mess of bruises, and they've started appearing on my chest. I have a couple on my bum too. I'm starting to wonder if my bony areas are bruising more easily as the fat layer begins to reduce. But it's crazy! And much skinnier girls than me don't seem to have bruises like this!

So... is this common to you girls too?

As for the ABC, I think it's now or never. I'm single and at uni, so there should be minimal interference. If I can manage 50 days (I'm a little dubious) I should be around where I want to be to start maintaining my weight. I think I will stick to the ascribed calories in the main part, but perhaps go over in the event that I have to do things with other people and get pressured to eat. After which I'll try not to let too much purging creep into the plan.

Day 1


  1. Huge problem with bruising, I have a genetic anaemia and thought maybe it was just that but they have got stupid recently. I had some blood taken as well and one of my white cells came back low, not seriously low but it was low. I mainly get the bruises on my shins and knees, the I've-fallen-over-in-the-playground school girl look is starting to piss me off some what. I have wooden flooring in my room and all I can think is they pop up from kneeling on that because they seem to come from nowhere.

  2. Haha I can't get sick of u...ur advice is awesome! Anyway bout the vitamins would you recommend centrum? - Is that a multivitamin?

    Which vitamins do u take specifically? Its so good you live in Aus because we have the same products available to us.

    I've never been able to purge! Don't ask me why its a bad thing, but I'd like to have the option lol.

    I'm sorry bout the bruises. :)

  3. Hey, lovelie, I'm sorry I haven't been commenting for a while. I've been so busy and having a hard time, but I think I'm better now. So I get to read your blog more closely, which is great!

    I tend to get bruises more now that I've lost weight, too. I never used to get any whatsoever. It's very annoying getting them. Though bruises are nothing compared to being fat, right? :)

    xx Maria

  4. By the way, I like the ABC plan. I wish you the best of luck with it. I'm sure you'll do great, hun!

  5. Hi, I like your blog! Did you really weigh 75KG before? Cause in tat case you are amazing now... I'm a big girl, fat you might call it. Last summer I went into to hospital cause I fast for a month, so I collapsed. My mom kept a close eye on me and now I'm soooo big. It's disgust me. I've started to stop eating and exercise now, cause My mom dosen't expect my anymore (Cause I look like an elephant again). I know I'm new to all this, but I lov ehte feeling of hunger. Anyways. You might not even talk to me. Just wanted to say that I'm gonna follow your blog close. You are an inspiration.

  6. I am covered in bruises. Im a really pale girl and I always have been and Im never really without some bruises but its been much worse lately. I was actually wondering this same thing recently. Good to know it isnt just me.