Sunday, May 24, 2009

Somebody to love

It seems everybody has a "new boy" at the moment, or a new boy who has progressed into just a "boy". I've been on my own now for about 5 weeks. Not a long time. But I think I've FELT on my own for at least a year. And so, so lonely.

Sometimes I think I'd quite like to have a new boy too. But I'm completely withdrawn. The thought of having to venture forth into the world and meet people is so... horrible. Daunting and confronting and exhausting.

I just want the feeling of lying with someone who loves me


  1. you took the words right out of my heart. sometimes i wonder though, if i weren't so lonely, would i be able to do this? i think i would. but it's a funny thought. love you pasco!

  2. I get how u feel. But to be completely honest the reason I've never really get 'intimate' with a guy is because I look so fat, I'm scared about my flabby body so much...everyone thinks that I like to wait till i'm in love but i'm actually just weight obsessed and self conscious. Its really sad and I need to get over it but I guess that's what happens with ana. Anyway I hope u find love soon in ur future, ur such a beautiful person. You really deserve it!

  3. If it helps, I know exactly how you feel. I've been alone for... well, almost exactly a year now. But longer than that because the boyfriend I had for two months last spring didn't mean anything to me, I was trying to force it to get over lost love. I've been emotionally alone for more than a year and a half. And I'm SICK to death of it.

    But there's nothing I can do, and I feel so helpless. I want something but I can't think of any way to actually attain it.

    I'm sorry I don't have any words of support right now, but I wanted to tell you you're not alone and I feel exactly the same way. xx

  4. oh baby I know the feeling but TRUST ME you dont want a boy friend. They are sent by the devil himself to make you F.A.T. There's literally no way of avoiding food when you're with someone through more than one meal time. It sucks. I can attribute the brakes on my weight loss to the minute i felt a teeny bit attractive. It makes me complacent.

    Your ABC is going so awesome, i'm super ridicluously jealous. so jealous i cant even spell apparently! xx

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