Thursday, May 7, 2009

SPEWED (plus a crazy tip for the strong stomached)

Yeah well, what can I say.

The day went great and totally to plan but there was nothing I could do at the birthday dinner but eat. And when I was done I sat still and clasped my belly and counted the minutes til I could lock myself away and spew my ring up. Mmm, gross.

Anyway, recently have been investing a lot of thought into how to purge in the least harmful way possible. I'm trying to stop but there are times when it is inevitable. And a common tip is that rinsing your mouth with bicarb after vomiting can neutralise the acid on your teeth.

Which got me to thinking...
Why just minimise the harm AFTER the acid has hit your teeth?
Why not neutralise it before it even gets there?

Which led to me drinking down a whole lotta bicarb in water pre-purge and intra-purge and let me tell you: You know that experiment you do in 7th grade where you mix bicarb and vinegar together to make the lava bubble up out of a paper mache volcano? Well yeah, same thing pretty much happens in your stomach.

Still had to instigate vomiting, but after that it was basically projectile. It made it MUCH easier. I was completely impressed. I drank more and swished my mouth between bouts, and emptied my stomach in record speed.

Now I have no idea about the safety record of imbibing vast quantities of bicarb, so I'm not sure I should be recommending this, but I'm certainly doing it again next time.

Oh, and it tastes like SHIT



  1. Hmm, I hope it helps your teeth! That's always been my biggest concern. Though I've always been terrible at purging in general... sadly I've been doing it more often in the past few days. It's something I have to stop doing.

    Good luck with the bicarb!

  2. hey there! I wanted to respond to your comment about laxative tea - I use the Smooth Move kind by Traditional Medicinals, which is easy to find in most grocery stores (natural foods section) or even Target, or a health food store. They even make it in chocolate flavor! I heard that Yogi "Easy Now" tea is also really good. I like the Smooth Move because it hardly gives me cramps, I just make two bags in a mug of water and let it steep for 15 minutes. it usually takes a few hours to work.

    best wishes,

  3. ha good idea. i can get it all out fine but its the drawing attention that i need help with - our house has thin walls and too many people to spend the necessary time! i'm already at 1800 cals today pre dinner time and i feel lilke now would be a great time for bingeing, only there are too many people in the house for it to be viable. damn it. good tip tho! xx

  4. That is a good tip! I'm home alone with my brother tonight so I just KNOW I'm gonna binge...but with this tip it might just be okay. I'm so sick of having to gag every little bit up and it takes FOREVER. p.s. who cares how safe it is, at least the food is gone, right? Maybe I'm too haphazard in that thinking. oh well. Thin is all that matters.