Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Many thanks comrades for your votes!

I think the general consensus is...
Wait for it...


"Plough on" was a very close second, but "do over" means I get to start back on a 500cal day which is fractionally easier than the 300 I'd be moving onto. Tut tut Pasco, your strategies reflect your weakness.

Now, yesterday doesn't count either because that was poll day and I couldn't possibly make a decision before I had the results (also, it doesn't count because I ate lots of popcorn at the movies) ;)

But here I am this morning, halfway trough the big bottle of salty water that is going to mark the cleansing start to my 50 days of relative emptiness!

So raise a salty glass

Viva la fat revolution!


  1. LMFAO XDD I NEED TO SAY THAT! I told someone earlier I'm the Jesus of Weight loss. Long story, but yeah XD

    ...what's the salty water do anyway?

  2. cheers! *lift glass*
    come on girl, you can do it!