Friday, May 29, 2009


Wake up. Stretch. Tummy rumbling. Sore head. Not totally miserable but hardly skipping the light fandango. Can't tell if today feels like a good day or a bad day.

My cat is tucked under my arm purring away. Every morning when I wake up and grab my laptop he snuggles into bed with me for cuddles and blog reading. It's our morning routine. He's quite sweet. But with every passing day I run the increasing risk of retreating further from humanity and becoming a crazy cat lady.

I suppose if I could be a beautiful crazy cat lady it might be OK.

I'm a little bereft of inspiration today. I don't have a plan or an idea of what or how much to eat. Should I stick to just fruit and veg? Or fast to make up for yesterday? Or perhaps try again for a normal eating day to make sure yesterday doesn't repeat itself? But then, that's how yesterday started out so I hardly think it's a recipe for success. Perhaps I should have a day of cat kibbles. Seems to keep my fluff baby svelte.

A new favourite thing I've found to do is cut a small apple into very thin slices, and sprinkle them with lemon juice and cinnamon. I know it's hardly groundbreaking, but it amazes me how delicious it is and how long it takes to eat. You can really stretch 50 calories into quite a long and satisfying meal. I'm thinking of giving a pear the same treatment. I should get up and do that for breakfast... maybe... really I feel like eating 5 packets of chocolate biscuits. No matter how satisfying you can try and make one small apple, it will never be that satisfying.

Damn. I should get up and go running. Or something. Anything.

Where are you???



  1. I bet if you were the beautiful cat lady no one would call you crazy, they would stick with words like eccentric.

  2. At least a cat won't let you down, right? I'll have to try the apple thing, it sounds SO good!

  3. that makes sense about med students...we've always been/learned to become competitive and hyper perfectionists.

    i'm trying your apple trick tomorrow...sounds delicious. something also not particularly groundbreaking i've recently discovered is bouillon cubes. your brain/stomach really thinks it's eating a hearty soup when you're only really consuming <20 cals. you probably already know this, but i'm really excited about my new discovery :)

  4. Wow! That apple thing was amazingly delish. Thanks for that. :)

  5. I'm aspiring to be a crazy dog lady. Maybe we can meet in the middle and open up a sanctuary.
    Only pet food is allowed in the grounds, thanks.

    I ate a dog choc chip biscuit once when I was desperate - haha - I'm already half way to crazy.
    Eating the cat food probably isn't that funny of an idea =)

    Love love xx

  6. Cats are wonderful.
    I plan on doing the apple thing tomorrow too. You trend setter.

    "Not totally miserable but hardly tripping the light fandango" Ahaha I love that for some reason. I've never heard it before ^^

  7. I want a cat. The apple thing was soo good, thanks, love!