Sunday, May 10, 2009

dazed and confused and a pretty nice hangover weight


I feel disgusting. 2pm in the afternoon and no sleep last night and none today despite loads of trying. So exhausted and hungover and foul but my body clock is reset and it won't let me just sleep. But I'm not really feeling too good about standing up either because I've been verrrrry fainty lately. I'm comatose awake. Catatonic practically.

I can't believe I was driving all over the city half drunk about 6 hours ago. What the hell? It's a fuzzy memory.

Horrible horrible night. Abandoned and stranded and 4 suburbs away from my car. But a nice boy walked me there (massive long calorie burning high heeled walk musta taken 2 hours) and was very gentlemanly. He kinda saved me. I felt bad. I think he liked me. I very much appreciated not being raped. Restores faith in humanity.

He sat with me in my car too until daylight when I felt safe enough to drive. I repaid him with a lift home. He tried to get me to stay but I said no. Thank goodness.

This post SUCKS
My head is RETARDED
Wish I could sleep. There's a Marilyn Monroe movie on TV in an hour. But not one of my faves. Prince and Showgirl. Blah.

Oh yeah! That's what I was going to say! Nothing beats weighing in "morning after"... I know I'm completely dehydrated when I step on the scales but seeing a low number is motivating. When I'm hungover I like to weight myself then think, right, now stay under that!

This morning it was 54.7 kg (120.3 lbs)

Now, forgive me, but I'm going to go have icecream for breakfast.
Fuck it, I feel like shit and its 2pm and I WANT IT


  1. wow! Ur 54.7 now, that is amazing...I was out last night in the city too, maybe we passed each other (I live in Melbourne too). The worst thing about a hangover is that your lazy and you don't use up as much calories on a normal day sucks!

  2. Haha I put sydney on my profile for the same reasons, but now I don't really care cause no one I know would get what a blog even is.

    I've stuffed up my abc diet by drinking the last couple of nights so it'll be awesome start over and do it I'm happy to take up your text buddy offer!