Saturday, March 27, 2010

I'm doing more better

It's true!
I am!

I'm feeling a bit more detached. I think. Something about telling my mum has changed everything. It's pretty much made me stop purging. I'm not sure how, but it has. My mother has become omniscient, this constant overhead reminder (even though she actually isn't) just, I don't know, I know she's there... I know she knows... Some how it just CHANGES it. It really does.

And I've been in control. In control with food.
Eating fuck all but enough and it's great.

In other news, tonight I turned down Mr King Dick of medicine. Male model most popular man in all of planet hospital extraordinaire... thought he had me... til the last minute when I informed him I WOULDN'T be getting out off the taxi with him sor-reeeee...

...and did it feel wonderful? Yes!

Am I a wee bit drunkened? P'raps!
And feeling powerful!


  1. So you are..
    1. not purging?
    2. looking amazing?
    3. drunk?

    Good for you (;

  2. I love making men feel like they're denied.
    A little too much, actually... This might be bad.

  3. Go you, it can be such a tremendous rush of power and satisfaction to turn down a man who is a little too confident of himself and his supposed "conquest"... Also, no purging and controlling the intake and all sounds great, you rock, stay strong!

  4. look at you using your feminine wiles! You do me proud.

    I swear I have been reading every word you write but I've been lame and not commented. Email coming soon!

  5. Very well done, girl!
    I really hope you can stick to the pace you got right now...

    wish you all the best

  6. you may be my new it!