Friday, March 12, 2010

Good Morning Day 2!

Day 1 went off without a hitch. I'm looking forward to getting out of bed and having my breakfast shake. I'm not sure how long "looking forward to it" will last, but for the moment I'm appreciating the feeling.

I think the concept I like most about this plan is that while the shakes are incredibly unsatisfying to your tastebuds and your tummy, they are perfectly nutritionally balanced. Low calories and low carbs, yes, but packed with supplemental nutrients and enough energy that my brain should not be hungry. Which means that if I can stick to it, I should eventually learn to respond to my brain's need for fuel, rather than my stomach which is now insatiable or my jaw that demands to be chewing constantly. Dare I say, it might one day be possible to learn to understand hunger again?

The other thing I'm loving is the possibility that my mostly-liquid diet will flatten out my horribly bloated belly... mmmmaybe... Sounds too good to be true? As I said, we'll see how long "looking forward to it" lasts!

Nuff chat, time to milk it!


  1. This sounds like a great plan, I hope you can stick to it. I am always scared of the regular meals, even if they are just liquids, but I am constantly ruining everything with snacks, so maybe this can actually work.

    I hope it will work out!!!1

  2. I know you can do it lovely, you have a perfect plan and a great oppertunity, and your strong, remember that last bit, x.

  3. yay! I get what you're saying about being nutritionally balanced - I'm always fretting about how skipping meals is starving my brain.

    Excellent start to day 2, keep it up :)