Wednesday, March 24, 2010

re-ap-plying myself

I am a fat

Some days the panic crawls over my skin and clutches at my throat and wraps itself around my brain so tightly that I think I will die from it. Some days I feel calmer, never quite comfortable in this skin, but confident I can change it. It's based on two principles: time and trajectory. If I can change the trajectory of my weight and allow for the passage of time then everything will be OK and I will become thin.

Today I downloaded and ap for my phone that is effectively a food diary. I plugged in all my goals and details and it records exactly what I need to eat every day. When I enter the foods I eat it works out the calories precisely from an enormous database (which includes all the collective entries from its users). It calculates percentages of fat and protein, graphs results and measurements and intake, and sits safely in my pocket so I can enter every item. I'm still going to try and stick to my 2 meal replacements shakes a day and the rest lean protein and produce.

Right now I am confident the trajectory will be down and the time will fly.


  1. How is the celebrity slim thing anyways?

  2. I love food diaries, especially wonderful interactive ones that do most of the work for you :)

    best of luck

  3. Nice thing to have the database with you all the time... Wish I had this, too.

    Don´t worry, though, you will get the trajectory down, wiht our without the database...
    I believe in you.

  4. I do so relate on the clutching panic thing, that only abates when you can convince yourself you will get there, make the change.

    I've been thinking about trying one of those apps, too... and still love, love, love your blog, that is all :)

  5. i love you and you can do it. i have so much faith in you.

    xx x