Tuesday, March 9, 2010



too much stress, too much fat, not enough resolve
you all believed in me and I blew it

but I'm starting again tomorrow


  1. I will always believe in you. Feel better, lovely.


  2. If you never give up, you will never loose.
    Keep trying, I know you can do it.

  3. That´s it girl.
    Tomorrow is another day. Btw, a week is amazing, whatever happened today.

    We still believe in you.

  4. it's ok, i threw up yesterday too. but once is better than every day and today we are starting fresh. just a hiccup just a hiccup

    xx x

  5. We still believe in you Pasco. Personally, I was not inspired by the fact that you lasted however many days without purging. I was inspired by the fact that you were willing try to stop doing it in the first place. You are going to make mistakes. We are all human here. Can I tell you how many times I've purged this week? Again, I'm just proud of the fact that you are willing to start again. It will be alright, okay? This is just going to take a little time. Just remember that I'm here for you. <3 <3

  6. Tomorrow is a new day and I believe you will succeed...you are strong!

  7. But you made it a week - even if you cut it down to once a week, it is progress

  8. You didn't blow it, you made it a week!! When was the last time you managed that? That's right, it was an accomplishment!! Great Run Pasco, now let's do it again! Take it further!


  9. Attagirl! That's the spirit! (:

    All of us still believe in you.


  10. This time was 7 days, tomorrow might be 8. You have said it: baby steps. Don't beat yourself up. We're all there and be beleive in you. No matter what happen.

    Good luck.