Sunday, March 7, 2010

139 hours

Since my last purge.

139 hours down the road to freedom.

I'm tempted to starve myself entirely today. I know it is a relapse risk. But I am brutally aware of the immense volume of air my body still displaces, I'm taking up too much space. I know it is the panic to shrink too quickly that usually paves my destruction. I will be careful and if it gets to be to much I will stop. I still have no idea what this new non-bulimic body weighs. I haven't the heart to find out.

Thank you all for you well wishes
I love you so much



  1. Keep going, we all have faith in you :)
    You will get there soon enough, soon you'll be able to look back and say 238562893659869385693564896345969346589659698324593 hours down the road to freedom, and i will be right there congratulating you :)
    Stay Strong, Live Life and don't give up, especially since you've come so far
    Xx. Lillie

  2. WOW, that is so amazing.
    Stick to your plan, and beat the awful binge/purge monster.
    He does not deserve a place in your wonderful life.
    Does he?

  3. You are so strong. I am both enormously proud of you and slightly envious. But no matter what, I support you. Keep up the good work hon. You can beat mia. You are better and smarter than her.

  4. You're so awesome. You can still text me if you like, not sure if I have any credit though. Hum dee dum.

    I so hope you beat it forever, because you deserve it. <3

    Loreal, because you're worth it.