Sunday, March 7, 2010

eeeeurgh I'm coming up against a brick wall this morning. I can't dress myself because I feel horrible and huge in everything. Each subsequent outfit attempt just increases my panic and heightens my distress. It's OK, I'm OK, I'm not giving up... sometimes it is just so fucking hard SAD FACE


  1. sometimes it is just so fucking hard....means that sometimes it is just so fucking easy. right? which means if you can push through this there will be easier, happier moments ahead...

    i wanted to throw up all day and had to keep walking by candy aisle after candy aisle today on my way to and from the pharmacy. it was horrific. i had to close my eyes and look the other way. but i made it. and for a brief, shining moment this morning, my legs looked thin enough. it did not last, but for a second i had it.

    there are glimmers everywhere, just as there are dark patches.

    hmm. this sounds profound in my mind but probably is not on paper? i don't know. (you know what's going on with me atm)

    suffice it to say, LOVE. stay strong. ok?

    xx x

  2. We all have those terrible days. Chin up, lovely. You're doing so great on the no purging too! :)

  3. I know it's hard, but it will all be worth it in the end.
    Keep Going, you are doing wonderfully :)
    Xx. Lillie

  4. Everyone has those bad days! Just push through! Your doing so good! Stay strong lovley!