Saturday, June 20, 2009

What lovely lovely lovely girls you all are

Yesterday was quite uneventful. No, wait, for me it was actually very eventful because it wasn't NOTHING which is the usual eventual turn of events! Ate bugger all (yay - anorexic housemate was a big deterrent) then drank super lots, including BEER. Questionable judgement. Although I did shake my tail feather somewhat.

Now the following pains me to say because it is TREMENDOUSLY boastful but I could never tell anybody else in real life without them proceeding to hate me (like they don't already), and I have to tell SOMEBODY because it made me so happy! I was shaking said tail feather, and a boy tapped me on the shoulder, said "thought you should know you are the prettiest girl I have seen in a long time" and walked away! If he had tried to hit on me I'd have assumed it was bullshit, but I never saw him again. Perhaps he just picked up on how insecure I had been feeling all night and wanted to lift my spirits. Or perhaps he was going round to every girl in the place and saying it to them for a bit of a mind fuck. In any case I don't care, it was nice, and something to smile about when I woke up this morning.

Although now I have a headache and a bollocks-load of well overdue work to do... spirits gradually sinking... oh damn


  1. Awww, that is so sweet of that guy to say! Regardless of his intent, a compliment is a compliment :)

  2. Ha ha, That's awesome what that boy said! ;D
    It's so sweet.

    Hope you get your work donee.

    Yasmine. xx

  3. ya - for random guy compliment! that's awesome! hope the headache goes away!

  4. Ahha that's quite wonderful! What an excellent compliment :)

    I hope you get your work done and everything.

  5. It is lovely when you get to snuggle up in bed!
    My cat cuddles up to me whenever it rains, but only when it rains. lol. Otherwise he's with other peoplee.

    I just had a hot chocolate, i know. fail. ;/
    but everything just feels wierd at the moment.

    & i'm in year 9 at school.
    I think that'll make you feel older. >.<

  6. Don't worry, you're not leading me astray.
    Had this kinda problem for about two years or so now.

    & aww, that's a cool cat. ;D
    Mine is probably sitting near his food ball. -.-

  7. do you read coco rochas blog?
    That was so sweet of that guy! He wouldn't said it randomly, if he wouldn't have meant it. I got drunk last night too...ah god i love a hangover.

  8. I just not realized it, but I've always imagined you live in a beautifully distressed loft or something. There's definitely a lot of textiles lying about, and you get lots of natural light.

    It's quite lovely. Don't burst my bubble if you're living in like a hole.

    You, my dearest, need to pamper yourself more, to things that will make you feel the way that guy did minus that socially anxious undertones. If I have to fly down and book you a spa day, I'll have a fit.

  9. aw what a nice compliment!
    I also have a pile of work.
    what fun.

  10. How nice. I think he truly meant it. Boys don't just tell girls that they're pretty on their own.

    I found it interesting the thoughts that run through your mind about the compliment-I think the same way. Automatically when I am complimented they're just being polite or 248,294 other excuses.


    [feel free to gloat now and start singing "I am pretty. Oh so pretty...."]

    Also, I really like the style of your blog. Where do you so many amazing pictures?