Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Riding along on a carousel, will I catch up to you?

Round and round and round and round and round
And round and round and round with you
Up, down, up, down, up, down too

On a carousel (do de do de dooo etc)

I ate really well today. Berries for breakfast, banana for lunch. Came unstuck at dinner. Made the loveliest, healthiest vegie soup thing. And ate too much of it. Probably still only 200 cals. It was just water and vegetables! Should have been fine. But the feeling of fullness in my stomach was making me anxious and I wanted it OUT. So I outed it. Which was stupid because then I figured my day was ruined and I may as well binge and purge some ice cream then go to bed on a belly full of laxatives.

Hence all this up down up down nonsense
Seems to be all I do all day. Food in, food out. Food down, food up. Food round and round in my head. I think I'll hit tomorrow hard. Maybe fast. Hard and fast? Fasting hard? Fast hard fast hard. Need to fast. Bad. It's hard.

hard bad fast up down blah whatever

Soon you'll leave and then I'll lose you,
still we're going round
On a carousel,
On a carousel

Ta Da!



  1. I hope you do well on your fast,
    even if it's only one day,
    good luck with that hard fast :-)

  2. i'm fasting too
    we can support each other :)
    loving the pictures

  3. it's always something, but better to go occasionally down than to always be going up...

  4. Wish I could fast but as it is my mom is on my case about food. Bleh. Yes, life is like that. This carousel. How long do you plan on fasting? Well anyway, good luck and stay strong. I'll be cheering you on. <3

  5. It's always going to be a vicious cycle.

    Good luck on your fast, you'll do great.
    I really want strawberries now :p

    You know how to contact me if you ever need anything :)

  6. Thanks for the support...I missed you ladies too much to be gone for good. good luck with the fast honey....lovely entry.

  7. Tehe yes excellent post.
    Hard and fast? Fasting hard? Fast hard fast hard. Need to fast. Bad. It's hard.
    I loved that.

    Good luck with your fast. And I love your endless supply of wonderful pictures. :)

  8. Good luck fasting! I can only fast on the weekends, and even then, the boy of mine likes to eat... a lot.
    And thanks for the kind words too - they made my day :)

  9. Oh sweetie, it sounds like you had a similar overreaction to mine last night. Remnants of veggie soup and icecream are not enough to gain from, and yes its a shame that you didnt make it through the day but at least your slip up was a small one. Now today(?) will be easier.

    i believe in you, (and me). We'll get there one day, the carousel will stop. We'll be dizzy for a bit sure, and maybe a bit queasy from being on it too long, but thats ok, because we will have lost the taste for it, and we can go play on the dodgems or something instead. xx