Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Berries For Breakfast

Really, is there anything better?
Beautiful, delicious and energy-light. I just wish they weren't so expensive. When I graduate and start working, I think perhaps I will start to live a berry-only life.

The last few months I really have cemented a pattern. My weekends are for collapsing into my mother's arms in tears, going home with her, recuperating a little, purging a lot. Then the weeks are for regrouping, starving and emotionally deteriorating. It sounds shit, and like I should work on changing it, but somehow it seems to balance out. The eating never gets too out of control, the sadness never becomes too overwhelming. My weight fluctuates around a little but the overall trend is downwards.

I think maybe for now I'll be OK
Thank you all for your lovely love


  1. I'm obsessed w/ berries too lately! So yummy and low cal and so many health benefits. They've been on sale lately at my grocery store so I've been stocking up :)

  2. I love berries too. I wish they just weren't so expensive too! What ones do you like the most?
    I'm a raspberry girl myself.
    I'm sorry about your weekends too dear - I'm glad it never gets too bad at least, but I hope it gets better. :)

  3. your comment made me want to cry, i only read it after we got home. and i ate a shit load of drunk person food. and purged. which means i was close to getting thru day 3 and i fucked it at the last minute.

    i dont deserve your pride. I'm a fucking failure.

    i'm glad you are having a berry cheery day though. love xx

  4. Strawberries and raspberries are my favourites. Not quite as keen on blueberries. And I love scouring the neighbourhood for mulberry trees to raid in summer. Reminds me of my childhood, frivolous and free, when everything in the world was good :)

  5. oh sweetie you didnt make me cry, my own failure did. But its ok, because you're right, i did break that mental hurdle... TECHNICALLY it was 3am when i binged, and it hasnt set off a pattern of continuation, and i know that next time i get to day3 it will be easy peasy. (HOPING)!
    And yes, tis a shame that our distance is so impractical. its morning for me which must mean, night for you, so hope you had a good day and that the berries set you off on the right path! xx

  6. I can't wait til it's summer here and berries reappear! And peaches. And mangos. And heat.
    Ahh how I am beginning to really dislike winter.
    I'm glad you're feeling at least a little better. Or stable at least :)
    I hope things keep getting better for you with all my heart.

  7. Damn, Pasco -- now I miss my mom. Love and appreciate yours just a little more today, for me, if you would.

    But! *shaking off melancholy* The picture you posted is divine! Ordinarily I dislike pictures of people eating, but this one is so clean and elegant. And the colors...

    I'm glad you're feeling better. <3