Friday, June 12, 2009

Shabby Shame

My dear anonymous commenter, thank you. You sounded like a bitch? No, not really. Most people would rather be obsequious than tell the truth. If you don't have anything nice to say, you should probably still say something. Otherwise you exaggerate people's self-esteem bias and contribute yet more arrogance to a race of assholes.

Besides, it was true. Mostly I just feel embarrassed to have posted those pictures at all. Talking myself up so much and then parading around like a fucking fool in itchy apricot polyester. God, I'd throw up a bit in my mouth if I'd eaten anything today.

It's funny how one negative comment can wash away a page of lovely ones (thanks so much girls, you made me smile) but it really hit close to home. I strive to present an easy elegance but have really just landed on a cheap, synthetic, 70s throwback form of shabby chic. Abhorrent. Ouch! You've pretty much just echoed my self doubt and amplified my self loathing.

In my own defense though, there was some lovely 1950s pink silk in the mix and that skirt is FUCKING AWESOME. With a 23inch waist. I can accept a difference of opinion.

Finally, I totally applaud you for having the balls to be mean. But come onnn? What WAS bitchy was doing it anonymously! BORRRRING!

Fuck I'm hungry


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  2. just ignore that vindictive bitch... so many people out there loved your clothes and were deeply envious of your tiny body - don't let one cruel person (probably someone who will never have a 23 inch waist) bring you down! xxx

  3. the anon blog is a coward she couldn't even post that comment with her identity! I can't really see the picture very well, but what an ass to criticize you like that! And lace and the 70's are awesome! Don't eat out of anger cause of that bitch Pasco! she's a tool.

  4. don't let anyone else dictate what you think of yourself
    i adore you and you don't deserve that xo

  5. I just read the comment from 'anonymous' and I'm fuming! Please don't let their words undo all the positiveness from the others who commented.
    I saw the pics yesterday but didnt have a chance to comment. You really are a little angel and I guess I don't need to say I ADORE those lacey dresses, absolutely to die for.
    There are always going to be haters, just feel sorry for them, it's their problem not yours
    Ophelia x x x

  6. fuck anonymous - & maybe in her terms those clothes weren't 'elegant', but they were still beautiful and a style you love (& I adore) so who cares what she thinks.

    but I know how hurtful one insult can be...

  7. Anonymous is a cowardly bitch.

    It was brave of you to post those pictures and share more of yourself with us Pasco. We that love you are grateful. I am sorry that such a comment was left. Please don't let it get you down.


  8. it's me again!
    perhaps it is cowardly to post anonymously, but i dont have an account with blogspot. perhaps i'm trying to be hurtful, but actually i detest liars. i'm brutally honest.

    i have a dress from the 1930's.. it's so gorgeous. it's got a boned bodice with tiny buttons up it and a sweetheart neck, billowy sleeves that are seethrough, and at the waist it pleats out. i love how some items make you smile so much.
    i neveerrr wear it because it feels ridiculous. but you know, it's so nice to just touch.

    do you like christopher kane? he has so many vintage touches but he totally modernizes them.

    and to the haters? yeah, i'm fucking cold. i'm calculating. i'm hard. you can say what you want, because i promise you, whatever you say is no worse than i say to myself.

    so LOLZ i dont need your sympathy.

    -and to 'pascoroseethereal', i feel sorry i was so harsh now. but i hate to see people lying so much. you sound like a nice human being and i'd like to know you in person. expect more comments from me!

  9. Post the pics again! PWEEESE??

  10. OH GOD. in response to this:

    "just ignore that vindictive bitch... so many people out there loved your clothes and were deeply envious of your tiny body - don't let one cruel person (probably someone who will never have a 23 inch waist) bring you down! xxx"

    i'm lower than 77lbs. top that.
    my waist? 21.5". oh FUCK YOU.