Thursday, June 18, 2009

response for anonymous

Oh you are so right. I'm not particularly thin, and certainly not thin enough to feel ill. However I did used to be fairly hugely fat (which I hate to admit to you my tiny friend) so even a little bony-ness sticks in my mind. Besides which I am a pretty damn bony person. I have this unfortunate situation where all my fat clings to my arms and legs but spares my body. It is very deceptive, because I still have quite a lot to lose but I have this hideous bony bird chest and jutty hip bones which concern my mother but are misrepresentative of my actual weight.

I do feel ill. Quite ill. I'm first and foremost completely depressed, and this eating business is just a recent secondary manifestation of that. Still, I think just about every single person on here is fairly miserable too. It's entirely self indulgent for me to moan about it when I really don't have it so bad. Bear with me x


  1. dont you dare apologise for expressing misery here - its our fucking bread and butter. I think its really helpful to have somewhere to say that stuff where other people understand, and what is a blog if not self indulgent??
    Oh and I understand your pain of having people be concerned about certain bonyness while selectively ignoring other, much wobblier areas as if thy dont exist. and i'm way fatter than you still.
    new day, all you can do is try again. xx

  2. It sucks that out of the tons of kind and supportive and interesting things that people tell you, you choose to continually respond to the most bitter and critical (and annonymous!). It's sort of like being the nice guy who watches the girl only go on dates with assholes.

    Anywho, I'm not looking to stir a battle of quotes with your commenter - just pointing out to you, as someone who cares, that it sucks.

  3. Hey pasco this anonymous bitch was abusing me too, I'm pretty sure they're the same girl here's her site I thought I would just post it up to name and shame the cow.

  4. Thanks for the support faz dear, but I think my anonymous is different to yours :). Mine is more articulate, and tough but fair. Yours is just being mean and lacks understanding.

  5. It's your life, your blog, your perspective. There's always somebody going through better or worse but they are not you. Everybody has a right to their perspective. We read to hear yours. (BTW, I like your blog)

    Also, I can relate to the whole deceptive body thing. I'm bottom heavy. It's all in my hips, butt and thighs and I. Hate. It.

  6. Aw, we even have people being mean to us at the same time.

    Such twinsies.

    When I'm in Africa I'm going to swim to Australia to visit you k??

  7. Hi, I haven't commented before but I read your blog and think it is quite beautifully written and put together.

    regarding the anonymous comment, i think you are right in saying that it is very different if you have been quite chubby in the past. Also, a bmi of 17 is under the cut off of 17.5 and therefore within the territory of a clinical diagnosis of anorexia. More importantly, if you are binge/purging a lot this would definitely make anyone feel very ill, and fragile I imagine, no matter what their weight is!

  8. I am RIGHT THERE with ERIKA. F this stupid bitch.

  9. what the fuck have I missed?!

    jesus christ, I lose the calling for a tiny bit and the whole blogging community falls apart lol. Not really, but I was quite disturbed.

    A) you're doing so much better than my fat pig whore face.
    B) I'm so annoyed by this 14-year old who is seeking attention through the outlet of your blog.
    C) I feel like we've grown apart!!! Sad day.

    Anyway, I'll be a better reader, I promise. You, me, and Lulu need to find a point in the world that's an equal distance for all of us and meet up for... drinking black coffee and tea without sugar. And shopping for small clothes.

  10. Hahaha. I went back to read this anonymous comment and see what the fuss is all about. Then I read Jamie's comment below it and laughed out loud. Beautifully worded, Jamie. I think this community of ours can totally take the anonymous bitches! We are Skinny! Hear us Roar!

    My body is the exact opposite of yours. Skinny face, neck, arms, waist, then suddenly OMG HIPS! Ridiculous. Really. I am so so jealous of gals with hip bones. But all bones can be unearthed! We can stop this eating business and make ourselves happy.

    Also, I think that you have an anonymous commenter is really just a testament to how awesome your blog is. Now I want one too. *pout*

  11. i'm really sorry that you're depressed. i didnt mean to comment on that, it just feels a bit indulgent when you go on about how bony you are, bla bla bla i've said this before. i'm really not upset at you, i actually like you, i'm just not prepared to do what your commenters do because i think it's quite pathetic and sajdjakksdja stupid tbh, as i said before indulgent.
    that's merely because i hate societies "ohhhmygohddd your so skinnieyyy" thing and yeah i can post anonymously and will, and it wouldnt make any difference whether i never posted again or did.

    just to clarify; i dont anonymous post anywhere else, except a few fashion blogs totally unrelated to this one. i'm not 14, or seeking attention; hello, i'm posting anonymously? also, i didnt know you'd been big in the past. i was big, around three years ago, and i found when i lost it first time round it did come off the way you described it. seeing as i didnt know you'd been big before.. you know the jist. this is my relapse, so i recon i'd forgotten it. and the weights coming off differently now, seeing as i have 0 muscle and 100% fat.

    perhaps i've been cruel, but i also feel as if your fanclub have misjudged me.
    i forgot what the first bones are like, and i've you've been big before, you will be feeling ill now that your significantly smaller. again i'm put down by your kindness and riled by your commenters.

    i dont think i'll comment again, because i'm obviously not wanted.