Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Fitting in

I have clothes.
Lots and lots of them.
I am a shopaholic and a hoarder.
I bleed money and accumulate things.
The older the better. The flouncier the better.
Beauty and history and old lady smell and old lady lace.

Anywho. Today I went through my extensive collection and started to try on things. It started with the things that used to be a teensy bit small. They fit. I suspected as much, but you have to start easy, don't you? Moved on to the things that used to be significantly too small. They fit. Wicked. I'd been hoping they might. It felt nice. Next I moved onto the amazing and incredible tiny little fragile pieces that would never-in-a-million-years fit me that I hold onto only for their artistic loveliness. They fit. Easily. I did not expect this at all. When I bought them I didn't think they would ever fit anybody!

Queue euphoric stupor

I'm fasting today and it's given me some serious motivation. Freaks me out how easy fasting is. So much easier than deciding what to eat. I have desperately wanted a crumpet with peanut butter for days. I even bought crumpets and peanut butter. But I can't eat one because I can't decide if the 200 calories is definitely better than 200 calories of something else. Does my head in. Eating nothing is so simple.

So here's to no food and fitting into things!


  1. OH wow!

    Sounds like you're doing well. (:

    Good luck.

  2. gosh, the clothes thing sounds so familiar. wait, i only have to look at my wardrobe. i buy things and keep them forever. like you said, the older they are...the better.

    oh yes, i too love old lady lace. i love lace. if i had money, i'd buy vintage lace...and just stare at it.

  3. Woo hoo.

    I used to be so confused about calories and have the same problems with deciding whether I should eat that or something else... but now that I'm a fatty again - those shit thoughts have left and I desperately want them back. Hold on to that state of mind for as long as you can!!


  4. Oh wow. I've just began my clothing collection, I'm just 16 and always buying stuff from op shops now ^^
    I'd love to see some photos of your old dresses, they sound lovely.

    I have a skirt I'm aiming to fit into at the moment as well ^^ It feels like it will never ever look good at the moment. One day.

  5. Ahhhh clothes <3 I can imagine your collection is absolutely beautiful and oh the joy of fitting into it all!! So amazing.
    I was in Oxford Street, London last night and in complete heaven, so many gorgeous, delicate dresses and shirts... sadly my body is still far too curvy to do them justice... but soon...!
    Lovely, fragile clothes deserve a lovely fragile frame. I have countless pieces that I can't wear, which makes me sad because I know how much money I've wasted, but motivates me because I want to wear them SO badly!!

    And I so know what you mean with the choosing calories thing. The hours of my life that I've wasted walking up and down supermarkets/shops adding up numbers and so much easier to just not eat, less stress!

    love Ophelia

  6. i've bought and collected so many tiny little clothes, just thinking that i would always have them to look at and never to wear.
    maybe one day in the future i will have the same experience as you? i do hope you. it must have been wonderful to put them on!

    choosing what to waste my calories on gives me a headache. i can spend an hour in a shop, easy, just trying to choose what im going to eat, and then i normally walk out with nothing anyway...


  7. Thats awesome that things that were tight before fit you now! I love that feeling! It is such motivation. Fasting is easier now for me too...I've probably said it before but I don't get why we can go a whole day without eating but when we try to keep our calories down to 500, it's the hardest thing ever! You are doing so well Pasco! Stay strong. xoxo Farah

  8. Also, I looked up baculum tehe. I'm worried that your father introduced you to that word ^^
    And insouciant is an excellent word. I'll have to remember to use it and everyone will think I'm ever so intelligent.

  9. YAAAYY!! Go You! Isn't that an amazing feeling?

  10. well done :) I am too looking forward to the day I can easily slip into some old, beautiful clothes, one day.
    I have been craving tuna mayo recently.
    thats sounds so weird but true.
    good luck with your fast,

  11. Im so jelous! I bet the clothes look lovely on you.

  12. so happy for you. show us pictures??

    I wish i fit into clothes that people wore in the days before stupendous gluttony became acceptable. go you xx