Wednesday, June 3, 2009

a little lighter

in the head
and hopefully on the scale

I love the purity and euphoria of a light head. To float just slightly higher off the ground. To lean gently against door frames. Trail your fingertips along the wall as you walk. Serene, airy, delicate, careful not to faint.

So intoxicating. What better incentive not to eat. Who would want to lose that feeling, only to return to a state of dull, tangible heaviness.


Yesterday's points: +18
So far today I have flooded myself with green tea and cool water, no calories
I don't think I will weigh myself today
I will meter my success in dizziness not numbers
Perhaps by tomorrow I will be in positive points


  1. Hey,
    I completely agree about the light headedness :)
    I'm feeling far to heavy at the moment.
    I love your pictures. I think you're my favorite poster for pictures :)

    And yes I am a Royksopp fan! I love them. I hope they come to Australia on their way to/from Summer Sonic or what ever that Japanese music festival's called ^^

    I don't live in Perth >.< I actually have never been to WA. Or SA or the NT haha. I'm from the far south coast. Right on the between Melbourne and Sydney. And it's been pouring rain for days here too. I love rain, but hate the wetness haha.

    And yes I love the apple thing! If it was you who posted it, I love you. I've had it for lunch a few times now :)

    Much love.

  2. love your pictures! hope the scale reflects your efforts soon!

  3. The pictures you post are always so beautiful! Love the site re-design, too.

    Stay strong!

  4. "I will meter my success in dizziness not numbers"

    i love this. i've just recently starting journaling again and have stumbled across your blog. i am quite excited to keep up with it.

    - p