Saturday, June 13, 2009

An anonymous hater?

Fuck me, man
Does this mean I've hit the big time?


  1. i think you have two! i commented back on your response post, please dont think of me as a hater. see look, we're communicating!

  2. Oh! Yes I just read your earlier comment. How nice :). I don't suppose I really have 2 anonymous haters then, because you don't count. Maybe you opened the flood gates for the other true haters. Or maybe somebody else is trying to cash in on your glory.

    Christopher Kane is actually one of my favourites! And your dress sounds quite pretty, if unfortunately impractical. I've started to just suck it up and look overdressed for everything.

    I don't really own anything pre-50s. When I finish uni and start getting paid my first major fashion purchase is going to be a 1920s opera coat. For now my best dress is one I just inherited from my grandmother. Late 50s, royal blue velvet bodice, striped layered silk skirt, and velvet bustle. Sounds foul, but truly amazing. And very formal, but wearable to the right occasion (which I'm hanging out for!)

  3. oh my gosh, 1920's beaded dresses. i want one; too bad they are so expensive.

    if you like i could hook you up to an etsy store that sells really beautiful vintage garments for like typically $45. i have no idea if you are a brit or otherwise.

    i adore christopher kane! he went to st martins and i'd love to go there (second to glasgow, obviously!) and i've been following him ever since his first collection.

    i'm just about to start art textiles a level and cannot wait.

    :) you have one anonymous hater and one brutally honest one. but i feel terrible now because you are a human being.. i hate the internet! it lets you forget that.

    i've got a.. 40's dress, which is a lovely pale jade colour and has a large bustle. i cannot wear either of the two lovelies out, but seriously i am such a clothes addict. but there are things about my body.. idk, i'm 5"1 and have AA breasts which just look so out of proportion HUMUNGOUS and no hips. my body is so nasty and you put it in clothes and my breasts look matronly and my hips pathetic. they dont fit into 24" jeans.. but my thighs are horrid.. ugh! bodies, huh!

    i'm with you on the overdressing. i went to ikea today in heels and this really gorgeous dress (feeling like a fat idiot, but you know.)


    ps. i recon i'm the aluminium/iron compoud which is going to gather all the evil haters like myself (except i'm converted). but dw, eventually we'll form precipitates and sit at the bottom.

  4. ''haha you binged'' - what the hell? you're a weird one anonymous(the bitchy one)

  5. You're fantastic! I'm lucky, I look shit in new clothes but I fit perfectly into 40s/50s. I try to pull off 60s gogo from time to time but I generally look like a fat tard. I actually have a pink felt floral demi hat and garter on route from etsy at the moment. Etsy is great, kicks ebay in the arse. I'm Australian, which means it is way past my bedtime (and also explains my crude speech and abundant cultural deficits). But I look forward to future communication!

    May all the world's haters take a little lesson from you xx

  6. awwh thankyou :)
    mmm your tall.. i always envy tall thin people. you look so much better than us shorties even if we are like 60lbs. lol.

  7. duh its obviously someone who is jealous of you and just tries making themself feel better by making fun of you. thats retarded. seeeriously. i hope that little jerk isnt getting to you because you got ALL OF US to back you up and encourage you :]