Monday, June 22, 2009


Most of you girls are enjoying your northern hemisphere summer at the moment, but do spare a thought for we poor dears down under. Heading into the depths of winter, and given I lack motivation and initiative at the best of times, being unable to inch away from the crappy little radiator heater in my freezing old house makes me practically completely inert. A cold corpulent corpse.

It sucks for food too. Cravings for hot things. Chocolate. Bread. And winter fruit is shit. No berries. No peaches. No sunshine and perspiration quenched with iced water and long refreshing gulps of diet coke. None of the little things that make it easier to eat the way we eat and do what we do.

So here I am, clutching at my radiator, yearning for summer...



  1. Aw, it is getting really cold hey. :/
    Winter has hit!
    You could always do excercises by your radiator..
    & have hot baths & showers.
    They help a lot. (:

    In a few days, i'm going to fly down to
    an even colder place than my own is.

  2. I'm not allowed a heater =(
    Poor G needs to make do with just a rug.

    Today has been unusually warm tho


  3. oh gosh, i would trade the cold days for these 100 degree F days anyday -- well you stay warm and i'll stay cool.
    what about warm fruit - or hot tea in fruit flavors???

  4. hun you're doing a lot better than me recently
    DON'T have the peanut butter
    if you're cold don't eat, drink lots of hot drinks
    stay strong beaut xo

  5. I actually envy you. It's easier to not eat in winter. Easier to focus on other things, like the sweat of the gym and the blessed warmth of the sauna after. when it's freezing, I crave the rewarding warmth of the steam bath after a hard work out. in the summer, the last thing I can drag myself to do is to work out. To brave the heat. We get into the triple digits (above 110 somedays, nto sure if you use Fahrenheit?) but it makes people angry. Car troubles. Air conditioning troubles. REstless sleep. Sweat drenched days. Longing for ice cream and cold water and to lay curled up under the AC vent or a fan and just stare at the television and moan about how terrible it is outside.

    Our winters here are perfect, I think at least. But yeah...

    I'm sorry it's so cold there. And good luck. Remember - warm chicken broth is only like, five calories.

  6. It's absolutely boiling here...
    That's what I get for living in a Mediterranean country.

    I'm in your position, but oppisitely.
    Can't go outside, don't want to move from the air conditioned room...
    The constant craving for a nice ice cream and cold starbucks.
    Exercising just makes me hotter and weak.
    Think about the extra calories your body is using though to keep you warm.
    Run around the house for 3 minutes, I promise you'll warm up.
    And try find some 40 calorie hot chocolate that you just add water to.
    It's not that low, but it's better than the regular.
    Hope you're doing alright, a few more months will pass by quickly, and we'll have swapped places.
    Take care my lovely

  7. i prefer winter im so cold i cant move from the radiator to go and get food and i have to exercise just to keep warm though its summer now and im still doing that summer in scotland doesnt really happen lol

    hot drinks ! they are the best


  8. I angry with you times a million. I can't wait for summer.
    I can't believe it's only been winter for like 3 days.