Friday, June 5, 2009


i'm drunk

and i want to die

please, anybody, say something encouraging


  1. well to start off, I ADORE YOU PLEASE DONT DIE! =[
    i felt like shit last time i got drunk too, but when youre sober, things wont look as bleak.
    and anyways, im sure your situation will change for the better eventually, i mean things cant stay bad for forever, right?
    everything is constantly changing, and the comfort to be found in that is that nothing ever stays the same, so if it sucks now, then itll either get better or worse, so be happy for the moment and look forward to tomorrow.

    im here if you need help hun

    XOXO Sophia Ruins <3

  2. i'm here for you hun
    you're very important to me

    you're an inspiration infact - i literally just wrote about you in my blog
    look how amazing you are

    please do anything you can to distract yourself
    try and sleep if you can
    do not do anything in the heat of the moment
    this will pass.

    love xoxxxxxx

  3. you matter to all of us!

    and we are all here to support you and be there for you.

    thats why we're here and thats why youre part of this community of girls. you inspire us and when you fall we're all around you help you back up, encourage you, and make you feel better.

    just go to sleep. the morning will be better.

  4. Oh darling, we sound like we could be best friends. I get drunk everyday and want to die. Even this mornign I am fighting probably the worst hangover I've had in years. I hope you feel better.

  5. Candysays is right -- you need to go to sleep, and things will be better tomorrow. Alcohol generally intensifies whatever mood you were in when you started drinking, and you've been kind of down lately. Take a bath, read a favorite book (if you can focus :)), distract yourself. You are an amazing woman with an exquisite eye for beauty. I come to your blog repeatedly throughout the day, even after I've read your posts, just to look at the pictures you've selected!

    Stay strong.

  6. you're welcome hun

    i get so much beauty from you just through your blog
    so you must be a very precious person

    don't go doing anything stupid
    because believe me it'll haunt you and it isn't worth it

    you have enough strength to not give in :)

  7. Hear it from someone whos been hospitalised several times for self distructive behaviour.
    It really isn't worth it.

    I'm sorry this is late, and I'm hoping that you're sound asleep in bed.
    Please know you can talk to me whenever about whatever. Don't be embarrassed and don't hesitate.
    I've been here many times before and can truly relate.

    You're a beautiful and intelligent unique girl.
    The world would be a better place with more people like you.
    Be patient and you'll get through this.
    This state, this weight, is only temporary.
    Death and damage, is forever.


  8. I'm back. Missed you.

    You'll be better once you're sober. I can't even imagine how hard this would be without you. Hope things will clear up soon!

    Stay strong, love. And by the way, I love the new design of your blog.


  9. hope all these wonderful ladies have brought your mood up, you are too wonderful to waste.


  10. You are one of my favourite bloggers by far, chin up darling, alcohol is an evil head-fucker, don't give in
    lots of love and hugs
    Ophelia x x x

  11. Encouraging?

    You. Are. Gonna. Be. The. Most. Beautiful. Betch. In. Every. Single. Room.

    Stick to the plan and you'll be so thin... and so perfect.

    Love xxxx

  12. Aw, love.

    I think you need a change of pace.

    Someone/where/thing new.

    Try and find it please? You being in such a bad state of mind is not good at all.

  13. I love you, and you're okay, and you're going to be okay.

    You don't need to be alone right now.
    Let me know you're all right, and I can give you my email and other contact info even if you want, and if anything like thsi EVER happens again, you won't be alone.

  14. I hope you are feeling better now, i think i'm about 12 hours behind you...

    thankyou for your comment, sometimes its so frustrating to not be able to reach out and do more for my friends on here - internet anonymity is no substitute for a hug but believe me i would give you one back if i could! xx

  15. Youll be happy again when your empty. you just have to be patient. Breathe deep.