Monday, April 20, 2009

Weigh Better

Pretty good today:

Breakfast: Grapes 100

Lunch: Raw veg 0, Teensy bit of salmon 50, Small apple 50

Dinner: Fruit salad with walnuts 300

A minor aberration came along in the afternoon. Went to hang out with the ex-ex-boyfriend (the ex before the recent ex). He told me how I looked thinner and thinner every time he saw me. Naturally I denied any substantial weight loss and ate the icecream he bought me to prove it. Had a quick purge of maybe half of it. So I'm banking an upper limit of 300 ingested.

Total: 800

But I made it to the gym and put in a fairly intense 1hr, approx 500

So overall about 800 - 500 = 300
I can dig that!
Plus I've finally started getting my hungry back which feels nice.

Not weighing til Wednesday morning
Can't weight!

PS: If only the ex-boyfriend was as attentive as the ex-ex-boyfriend, maybe I wouldn't be in this mess!!!

PPS: I have the HUGEST new crush... WANT... BAD


  1. Ah beautiful picture.

    Must have details of the new crush!!

  2. hey girlie.. loving ya blogs. Im only just getting used to navigating around. I am a brand newbi to the whole blog thing.. i have reently started obsessing bout my weight since i gained like 15lbs due to a 3 year long relationship. its destroyed me, all i can think about now is getting thin thin. not sure how to add you as a friend heheh .. Hope we can be friends tho :) Keep up the good work Xx