Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Banana Tryp

I had the superest best workout at the gym last night. Totally flogged myself and must have burnt off at least twice what I ate for the day. It was one of those sessions where I could just keep going on going.

But hit the wall today. So blah. Sleepy and headachey.

But kept my intake quite low:

Small diet dairy thing 80
2 almonds 14
I small pear 50
I small apple 50
Couple of celery and carrot sticks 0

Total 194

I never count the calories in raw veg... I figure the benefits far outweigh the calories so they don't count... or maybe I'm just a big fat cheat ;)

Plus I plan on having a banana for dinner which will be about 100 making just under 300 all up

I was reading that the tryptophan in bananas converts to serotonin and helps with mood and sleep. Sounds pretty good to me right about now!

1 comment:

  1. bananas ive heard are like a sleeping pill wrapped in a peeling lol. and if you ever get a charley horse- or a super horrible leg cramp- eat a banana! they help you relax, bottom line.

    and i know carrots have so few cals, but celery actually doesnt have any. it takes more calories for your body to break down the fiber in celery than celery actually contains, hence, being calore free or negative cals :D :D eat up!!!