Tuesday, April 14, 2009

stem the calorie tide

Right, Pasco, slowwwwwww down.
Screw you Easter... You can't beat me!
I'll find salvation in a RIGID MEAL PLAN!

OK, I don't think I can fast. Yet. But I can definitely make myself a big smoothie to split between breakfast, lunch and dinner. I really want to try my first salt water cleanse but I'm getting up at 5am each day to get to uni as it is... there's no way I'll have time in the mornings. But if I can just wean my intake down over the rest of the week, try to water fast on Friday then salt water flush Saturday morning.

OK... so I'll blend up my smoothie tonight ready for tomorrow.
So that should be:

1 small banana 80cal
1 large apple 100cal
2 sticks celery 0cal
1/2 cup raspberries 40cal

Total: 220cal

I can supplement this with a couple more carrot & celery sticks which I'll take to uni to stop my stomach rumbling too loudly. Does anyone know how to shut it up? I find my noisy stomach is a dead giveaway when I'm restricting!

Plus tons of green tea, psyllium, water and caffeine pills

Anyway, if I can stick to that tomorrow I'll be under 250cal and back on top of my game in no time.
Wish me luck... I certainly need it!!


1 comment:

  1. i know that punching your stomach will calm the noises :/ not sure if you want to really do that. but drinking water should help too. that smoothie sounds really good!! i wish i had my own fridge and kitchen in my dorm room so i could make good stuff like that :) good luck hun, stay strong!!!