Thursday, April 9, 2009


So in the last 2-3 months I've lost at least 10kg (22 lbs), a lot of which has been in the last few weeks.

As I don't see my friends or family that often, every time I do see them they comment on my weight, which feels good, but is very tricky because you have to put on the whole nonchalant "not really trying/thinking about it, just busy" act.

But my boyfriend, who I see regularly, says nothing.
I reject food around him constantly. Nothing.
He eats pizza for dinner, I'll have celery. Nothing.
I'll go to the gym for 2 hours. Nothing
In bed his hand glides over my protruding hip bones. Nothing.

Nothing. Nothing. Nothing.

I think perhaps he approves. He's too stupid to see the extent of what I'm doing. Sometimes I hate him so much.

All you other girls have problems with loved ones being overly concerned or pressuring you to eat. I feel I have the opposite problem. I'm STARVING MYSELF and all I get is unstated approval or am just not noticed at all.


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  1. I starve myself to be noticed too, at least its one of the reasons. but I live alone, have no boyfriend and no family, so not many people notice if I lose weight. just my collueges at work.

    take care!