Wednesday, April 8, 2009


Today's been oooookayyyyy ...

Around 650cal which I figured I needed because yesterday was low for me
But it's not sitting with me well
I feel bloated and yuck
And not particularly proud
I should have worked out
But I was too lazy :(

Damn damn damn

HOWEVER! My shipment from the online pharmacy finally arrived and pulling all my things out of the box - it felt like Christmas!!! Brimming with brand new and exciting supplements and pills... Perhaps it's my medical career path but I love the idea of using substances (natural or otherwise) to tweak and optimise our bodies' function. Or perhaps just manipulate that function to suit our personal private and somewhat sick desires.

So tomorrow has gotta be a better day... right?


  1. Oooh what kind of supplements and pills did you get?

  2. Excitement!

    I got a multi-v, not very exciting but I'm nearly out of my old ones. I also got calcium. I found a really great looking diet pill that is pretty natural and has all those "miracle" metabolism boosting things in it like bitter orange, green tea, yerba mate and kelp. Can't wait to try it out tomorrow when i get up! Then I got some no-doz caffeine pills, which come in very handy. And finally some chocolate laxettes (which I don't use often but actually kindof need from time to time, because I'm very slow in that department - despite the copious amounts of psyllium husk and benefiber I ingest daily)