Thursday, April 16, 2009


Chocolate again.

Today's intake:
1/2 cup bran 100
1/2 cup raspberries 50
1/2 punnet strawberries 50
Easter bunny 500

That easter bunny plagued me all day. Thinking about it. Picturing it. Trying to rationalize including it in my intake. Eventually eating it. Then as soon as it was swallowed, accepted, my boyfriend proposed pizza. The thought of it drove me mad. I wanted nothing more. I wanted pizza so badly. I resisted, but the guilt of it still hung over me and I purged as much bunny as I could. I got up maybe half. Impossible to say really. I never intended to. But suddenly I HAD to.

The saddest part is it was delicious on the way up too.

On the upside I managed to palm off the rest of my easter chocolate on others. So now there's no crap left in my fridge or my house.

Now it won't plague me any more and I can move on.

Estimated overall daily calories: 500


  1. Haha I KNOW about the grossness of it tasting the same on the way back up. I know you didnt plan to do it but if you have to binge/purge eat a shitload of lettuce first, which will make you feel more full but also when you see it coming up you know you've got most of the crappy food out already!

    500 cals is a good day! keep it up! x

  2. 500 isnt a lot!
    i think you did amazingly for a binge.
    plus youll probably loose weight from it too and have your metabolism speed up or something =]

    XOXO Sophia Ruins <3

  3. could be worse hun :)
    try to throw that nastiness away!! dont keep anything high caloric in your house!
    save the next splurge for like one week from today. remember, hunger is a feeling, but thin is a skill!
    so stay smart :]]

  4. Good job on giving it all away though! And omg, compared to what I did tonight, 500 is nothing... I'm so ashamed.

  5. Haha I'm sorry, but that thing about the bunny tasting good on the way up made me smile. I don't know why...I'm a weirdo I suppose.

    Don't feel so bad! At least you stopped! For me, if I ever go over 800 I just lose my mind and feel like it's all over and eat everything in sight. I admire your control over the prospect of pizza...I have a lot of trouble there and pizza is a bitch to get back up. =(

    Keep going strong, skinny minnie. I have faith in you!