Monday, April 6, 2009

oooooooh dear...

Ate soooo much yesterday...

Romantic Parisian Picnic
It was fantastic and terrible:

1/2 bottle French champagne 265
3 small lamb cutlets 200
1/4 baguette 250
1/4 small cheese 150
1/2 cup berries 40
3 petit fours 400
1 big square chocolate 70

Total 1375

And I kept it allllll down...

Oh! Plus the banana I had for breakfast ...1475

Honestly, it was totally worth it :)
But now I'm hitting the restriction bandwagon hard again!

First stop - GYM AND NO DINNER


  1. A) Good for you for keeping it down!
    B) You may have eaten a lot, but hun, you ate well! The only time to eat anything that's not minimal cals is when you're eating food that's worth eating.
    C) You're fantastic!!

  2. *drools* sounds lovely! I am glad you think it was worth it <3