Saturday, October 31, 2009


See this?


THIS is the face of a girl who wants desperately, DESPERATELY, to throw up all her halloween candy.

THIS is the face of a girl who cannot get away with throwing up anything right now.

THIS is the lipstick besmeared face of bitter fucking irony.


All you can do is laugh


  1. You look PERFECT!!!!! Awww, I wish I had dressed up now!

    But yeah, you DO look kind of like you know what you're gonna do at the end of the night...

  2. oh hi soul mate, you are BEAUTIFUL! with or without halloween candy.

    i think they invented halloween to mock us, i am not kidding. i too am having a desperate time with candy, and we are only just beginning the holiday season. YOU DAMN LUCKY AUSSIES AND YOUR LACK OF THANKSGIVING!! at least you do not have an entire holiday devoted to, and entirely about stuffing yourself full to bursting on amazing yummy seasonal foods and then lying around groaning all evening while there are 1000 family members around so you cannot even puke. AND it just gracefully and oh so subtly leads directly into the christmas food-bingeing season. AAAAAAAHHHHH i hate this time of year.

    but i LOVE you! and your sad beautiful clown face. and your belly full of candy. it's okay. i ate many McDonald's french fries this morning because it is, according to my friend's mother who is a nutritionist, the perfect hangover cure because it has the perfect balance of sugars and fats. YUM! DIE DIE DIE. do you know how many calories? i won't even tell you. you will cry and throw up for me. suffice it to say my fries are rivalling your candy. so we are having simultaneous setbacks. does that make you feel better? it would make me feel better if i wasn't so damn hungover. BLAH.

    LOVE and LOVE and LOVE and smile, little clown! you are gorgeous.

    xx x

  3. My gosh, its you. You are beautiful. My dear, I want you to get out of the hole you appear to be stuck in. How can we manage it? Affirmations? I WILL NOT PURGE. I WILL NOT BINGE. Say it with me. Now repeat, at least 60 times a day. See how that goes.

  4. Thank you for the comment :)
    You are a beautiful little doll, you know that, whatever you say about yourself.
    I know this week has been tough for you and I'm sorry. But this WILL be a good week for both of us; absolutely it will. I've followed you for so long Pasco, you are NOT a binge and purge girl, you are so many of the reasons I've managed to progress. You will be back in a good place from now on :)
    And congratulations on finishing uni.
    I read this
    in the paper the other day and one phrase in the advice made me think of you: "I am amazed that you have managed to achieve so highly in your 22 years. To be a medical student requires a lot of hard work, and I congratulate you."
    To achieve what you have and cope with an ED is truely amazing, and I know you are strong enough to triumph again.
    Ophelia x x

  5. If it helps any, I had a lot of Halloween candy too. And at least you weren't a hypocrite about it. I was the one telling everyone to do their best to resist it. Btw, I love your costume. Very creative. Cheer up, dear. A bit of candy is not the end of the world, okay? *Hugs*