Friday, October 16, 2009


...maybe in Australia our doughnuts are just way smaller or lighter than anywhere else in the world. But averaging out all the brands I looked up, 300 was a reasonably high estimate... (not advocating doughnuts to anybody though)


  1. Well, remember that a lot of us are American. We're accustomed to monstrosities like the Krispy Kreme Burger. (Go ahead! Click it if you think I'm joking! Be prepared to feel fat just looking at the picture though.

    Snaps for not letting a little slip turn into a binge though! I really need to work on that myself. I'm either perfect or totally out of control.

  2. haha, I'm sure the doughnuts are smaller there, I don't know, I live in england, and tend to position myself as far away from doughnuts as I can! I agree though, well done for not binging, your strong! and that photo G.Samsa put there truly isn't appetizing.
    I hope your okay.

  3. clearly i will be moving to australia imminently. good old fucking america, where you can't even order a small anywhere anymore. it's medium, large, x-large, and super-gigundo-size. our donuts are well over 500 calories each. our bagels are over 400. and seriously, what G. Samsa said about the Krispy Kremes. those things will make you fat just smelling them.

    emigration is in order! i need your kind of donuts. plus i just need more pasco in my life :D

  4. Blah, the donuts I eat are around 250-300 so maybe you and I just go to bed with the same baker ;)

    I'm sorry I've been neglecting you (I just wrote a blog entry about how I won't apologize but I feel I have to make an exception for you because you've stolen my heart haha). I'm penpals now with Lulu, and now I feel ever so distant from you.

    All my love and a better comment when I'm not melancholy.

  5. Pasco! I have never commented on here as I didn't have a blog till now, but I have been following your blog for a while and just wanted to let you know that I love your blog and you have been such an inspiration to me!

  6. in america a doughnut might as well be an extra pound on the body.