Sunday, October 18, 2009

a kind twist of fate

I decided on a late night trip to the shop. I hadn't committed to anything... I was just bored and wanted the pleasure of perusing the aisles and imagining the possibilities. I decided to walk there, a fast paced 20 minutes away, to kill some time and create some movement. After significant supermarket meandering I settled on a roll of cookie dough and was deliberating around the ice cream freezer when I was confronted head on by a uni friend and his mates, out to buy post-weekend-bender juice. Gosh! The shock! While out shopping for a binge! I passed off the cookie dough as a moment of poor decision, replaced it on the shelf, and treated myself to the most expensive sparkling mineral water they had. 1 litre in a magnificent glass bottle for $6. Outrageous, but less than the cost of the ice cream and cookie dough I might have had instead had my plans not been interrupted. So all in all I stayed around 500-600 calories for the day, got in a bonus 40 minute walk to the shops and back, and now I'm going to bed purge-free.

Thank you universe


  1. thats so good =] im so proud of you!
    expensive water always tastes better anyway, so it was totally worth it!
    saved some money, burnt calories aaaand didnt binge. sounds like a pretty good day to me!
    xxx love

  2. hurrah times one thousand! i LOVE when random things suddenly bring you to your senses. wandering the grocery store is a very private experience for me and i become lost in thought and sucked in by all the pseudo-food amazing crazy American foods (you are RIGHT! the other day i found S'mores Goldfish. wtf. they are not as good as they sound. and blueberry muffin flavored pop tarts. i still need to know about those. actually i love that america does this because it keeps me endlessly entertained and most of the items kind of suck so you buy it and get to have fun trying it and then usually don't end up eating all of it. i binge on the obvious things like McFlurries and ice cream and cupcakes, not s'mores goldfish or Florida's Natural Au'some Fruit Nuggets (actually i am lying. i have gone through boxes of those and they are no longer allowed in my house. they are AMAZING. and deceptively 45 calories per bag.))

    i have had problems throwing up cake batter (and cooked cupcakes) but then again i am not entirely good at throwing up anything that is not ice cream or vegetables or diet coke (obviously annoying), so i am not sure if you could make it work. but making cake batter with the intention of eating a shit-ton of it and not even planning on making the actual cake brings you into a whole new realm of insanity and varying disturbing emotions such as: guilt, shame, embarrassment, fear, hilarity (at your own insanity), and a general undercurrent of being over-the-crest fucked up. instead of your inevitable future being a crazy old cat lady, you become the crazy old cat lady who eats nothing but a box of cake batter every day. you see what i'm saying? planned b/p-ing, as sometimes necessary as it is, really hits home to me how fucked up i am. planned b/p-ing on cake batter, when you KNOW you have NO intention of making the cake and don't even buy frosting is a whole new realm. so long story short i don't recommend it. that being said, i have had a few excellent days where i ate nothing but cake batter and lay on the floor and moaned. sometimes it's necessary.

    here is why we are soul mates:
    1. reverence of the nest
    2. disney movies, cats, etc. etc.
    3. you write beautifully and have beautiful words and i am told i do this too. i fluctuate on whether or not i believe this but i am drawn to your words.
    4. we both actively consider planning cake batter binges. sometimes i forget that most of the rest of the world doesnt do these things.
    5. sparkling water has saved our lives on many many occasions.
    6. you should come visit and i will take you on an amazing American grocery tour and we will eat weird and fucked up pseudo-food items and then i will take them away from you so you cannot binge. ok?

    i love you you are wonderful keep finding those little twists of fate which direct you AWAY from the cake batter :D

  3. ROFL Anise's comment made me smile.
    Never eat american food. There is a reason we are so FAT!!!!

  4. Tehe.
    At Ansie. I am going to follow her now.

    Anyway, that's so very lovely <3

    My comment is weak :)
    Love you.