Sunday, October 18, 2009

a day in the life: a day in the nest

Another night, another failure, falling to sleep midst silent promises of grandeur and accomplishment come morn. Another morning, another failure. This time of movement and motivation.

It was a delightful and guiltless failure though. Started with early morning waking and creeping sunlight, heat and sweat in rumpled sheets. Just a little blogging to start my day. Curling up drinking hot water and lemon. Laptop, cats and slow unraveling. One blog leads to another, one link leads to another, one silly BBC anorexia documentary leads to another leads to bulimia with Dr Phil on youtube. And let's not forget endless reams of celebrity gossip and scandal, diet secrets of the stars, fabulous detox programs to transform your life and hours of veritable weight loss delight.

And thus begins (with shout out to Anise) my day in the nest.

Finally some time late this afternoon I hauled myself up, scrubbed my face and went to the markets. I bought fresh fruit and vegetables then dithered around the bakery eying off the last minute Sunday afternoon sales. Huge trays of jam donuts and chocolate croissants being cleared out for next to nothing. To and fro. Would I or wouldn't I? I wouldn't. I used my money instead to buy flowers. Then I ate salad and fresh fruit in the sunshine.

I'm not out of the woods yet, though. Still I know I kind of sort of maybe want to. Just pop down the late night gourmet supermarket and pore over the muffins. Cake, warm with ice cream. Biscuits dipped in hot chocolate with marshmallows.

Ssshhh, Pasco

Have a cup of tea
And return to the nest


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  2. Oh how perfectly perfectly perfectly lovely.

    I must get some credit, fix my phone and text you. <3

    This post is lovely and inspirational and what I need right now. Thanks deary.

  3. There's no such thing as grandeur and accomplishment. And if there is, the feeling only lasts as long as neurology will let it.

    So worry not- we're all in the same boat.

  4. You want that craving so badly, buy tea always comes to save the day. That happened to me as well yesterday. I was craving chocolate but just reached into my cupboard and grabbed my mug and tea bag. It was exhillerating knowing that I overcame that desire. I could only imagine the bliss you felt s well =]

  5. YES

    nesting is a way of life
    the BEST way of life

    we are continents apart but curled fetal in the same nest and it has lots of blankets and sunshine and cups of tea and no food whatever and we are content :D

  6. You are a gorgeous writer.
    I absolutely LOVE reading your blog entries--
    poetic, classy, and oh so lovely.