Sunday, October 25, 2009


I wrote my previous post in a drunken stupor following a night I can barely remember. One thing is for certain, it wasn't literal. More a... forging blindly into the dark with branches whipping your face desperately escaping... sort of run. It was a good night though. So I'm told.

I really want to detox. 3 day water fast followed by 2 day juice fast followed by 2 days raw to round off a week. It sounds so magnificent and fantastic. I want to feel that freshness. Cool. Air, light and water. Sunset silhouettes and balmy breezes.

But it seems I'm never alone or in control enough to live out such a plan. And any time I'm steered even a little off course I do terribly. I just want my own little deserted island with nothing but swaying palm trees and bubbling springs. Dip in my toes. Juice a few coconuts on days 4 and 5. Maybe a mango on day 6.


  1. Stay stong Lovely Pasco, don't let yourself forget your goals! Never lose sight of the finish line! You are powerful and in control of you!!


  2. But you'll succeed this time. I have faith in you. I was thinking about doing something like this the week or so before I go home for thanksgiving break (even though I'm supposed to be trying to get better... >_> yeah, anywayz). If you do find or go to this island, please take me with you.

  3. I wish you success with your detox. And I think I'll join you!


  4. I too wish to join you on a detox! Sounds like a swell plan, not quite as good as that island though so I'llbe keeping my eyes out for it

  5. I started writing you a lovely big comment yesterday, when my boss walked in and took over.
    So I had to close before I could finish and post.

    Anyway, it said something along the lines of me coming to Australia to live with you, to get sexy skinny together and not lot anything pull us down anymore.

    I totally feel the same way, as soon as I decide to go on a fast, it seems that second someone forces food in my face.
    As if, they can read my thoughts and future destructive plans.
    I should wear tin foil on my head, keep out those waves.
    Such a good look no?
    I bet I could pull it off if I was lovely and thin.

    Good luck my dear Pasco.
    You deserve this, and you can do it.

  6. I'm swollen in the belly, my breath smells of booze (which I've just chased down my meds with oops), and I don't even want to spend money on food.

    If you decide to detox let me know and I'll do it with you, and we'll actually fucking do it. Belligerently.

    Until then I'm sloppy drunk and nauseated :) but still smiling for now.

  7. Silly billy.