Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Day 3 = Damn!

I'm going to call it partial fail.
200 calories
then gallery opening this evening
involving 3 glasses of red
then dinner
including another 2 glasses of red
plus dessert.


but cut short the urge to binge "since I'd blown it anyway" when I got home...

so make of it what you will. I just need to make sure this doesn't turn into a whole lot of "why bother?" since I've already fucked up. Gotta ignore the set back and stick to the program.

Still tipsy and got a kitty begging for lights out and snuggly time.

Goodnight you incredible undiscovered wonders


  1. Pasco darling you are as lovely as ever. Hang in there! This little slip doesn't have to lead to a collapse. You've had a great few days.


  2. i think we count that as a success, considering that the real battle is over the thoughts, not the actions. in ignoring the desire to bp when you got home, you won this round.

    good job. and dont forget to include going out and being social in your "positives of today" column in your head.x

  3. Well good job on not bringing it home. You'll burn up those extra cals. tomorrow, I'm sure. Stay strong and keep being a wonderful inspiration <3 <3

  4. Hello lovely, sorry I didn't reply to your text. My phone has gone all moody and is refusing to text again.

    Anyway it sounds like you're doing well and getting out of your hole.
    I'm going a bit horribly.

    Much love

  5. it's okay, If I had more control over my purging I'd do it due to dessert as well.
    And you are doing so well just LOOK at the progress you've made since starting this blog!