Thursday, October 29, 2009

Guess What?

I just had my last day of uni


that is, I am now pretty much a doctor.

I am also very drunk, as one tends to be when they finish uni and become a doctor. And I am surrounded by boys who are drinking and celebrating. And a couple of them just screeched away in their vehicle and from their window they yelled out at me "you are a fucking slut".

And they don't realise how much it stings. How could they? When I have spent every moment of my life deliberately and carefully guarded. Never getting too close or being too cosy or having anyone know me in case they see that I am not good enough. Yet despite my care and despite my distance I am a "fucking slut".

And I look in the mirror and even though I am drunk and my guard is down, all I see is fat fat fat. And I think that because I am drunk and because my guard is down maybe, for once, I will see a true reflection of myself and it won't horrify me. And all I see is fat fat fat.


  1. I get shouted at nearly every day. They have absolutely no idea how it makes people feel, none at all, because their too self-absorbed to ever reconsider their actions.

  2. Oh Pasco, boys are such bastards!

  3. A doctor! Whoa! I had no idea. I'm both in awe and painfully jealous at the same time.

    Well, there goes my theory that once you are a doctor all you problems magically disappear.

  4. I say the entire male gender is good for nothing but fucking haha. Don't listen to them. They're stupid!

  5. i'm not sure there is one of us that hasn't been called a slut before. it's so stupid and very unkind. i will never understand or accept the unkindness of the human race, but just know that you are NOT a slut and boys have this instinct to be mean to girls in order to show off how much of a jerk they can be in front of their friends. it's like accumulating man-points or something. its annoying and especially nonsensical.
    they probably yelled something mean because they resent you for being:
    3)and better than they

    thus making you out of reach for them.

    boys are dumb.
    some never grow up.
    but one day you will find one who does and is a real man who can appreciate everything that is you.

    congrats! and good luck! don't let jealous people who are unsatisfied with their own accomplishments and lives(or lack there of) spoil your yours.

    you deserve better.
    stay strong and rise above!
    go forth and conquer!
    carpe diem!
    carpe noctem for that matter.
    oh well i think you get the point by now haha ;)

  6. I am so so sorry those boys are jerks, but you shouldn't let them steal your joy. You made it through uni! You are a doctor now! What they think does not matter because in less than a months time they will be drunken bastards totally miserable with themselves and beating their poor wives.

  7. whahey, congratulations, a doctor! ahh ignore those bastards, most boys do this, and yes, I agree that most people on here have had something or other said to them, you need to ignore it, ignore them, they are not worth your time, you deserve much much better than that, smile :) x

  8. I hate men. Not individually, of course -- some of them are quite nice, even decent, people -- but in general, they're worthless, selfish, insensitive pricks. If someone started a female-only country, I'd probably go live there, because while women can be pretty catty, they tend to do it to impress men. No men, no cattiness, right?

    Anyway, congratulations on getting your degree! That is truly awesome. Do yourself a favor and go into research, because I'm quite sure patients suck as much as clients do -- they all want you to fix their problems without their having to change a thing. And they lie.

    Wow, I'm a real downer, aren't I? Enjoy your achievement - that at least is all yours and it's something to be proud of.


  9. Yay! I'm glad you spy. I'm curious as to who the *real* person behind the blog is =O

    Oh by the way, you're not fat, and I wouldn't think that you were a slut..."sexual prowess" sounds more fitting if that is the case anyway =p

  10. Some people are just assholes.

    Congratulations DOCTOR Pasco!!


  11. 'Boys are stupid; throw rocks at them!!' -so says one of my favourite slogan tees.

    Congrats on finally graduating from med school! (: