Monday, November 2, 2009

All I Want For Christmas... a beautiful reflection

53 days
5 kilograms

I will be 50 for Christmas


  1. Well it is a new month, with new goals, I think we all have goals for chistmas, I'm sure you cn do it, good luck

  2. me too. that is what i want most for christmas.
    wish santa could just make it happen ;)
    that would be just fab.

    we can do it!!!
    empty is strong ^_^

  3. hope is good.
    I too wish to be 50 by christmas.
    we can get there,
    stay strong x

  4. alright. Your's is doable. Mine is extra doable. (115 by end of jan).

    Which means we cant fail RIGHT?

    by the way, your little sad clown that couldnt be sick was possibly the most amazing thing i've ever seen. so honest and hilarious and heart wrenching. honestly, GENIUS.

    i hope you feel like less of a sad clown today... xx

  5. ooo beautiful picture...
    I love how such voluminous clothes can be so delicate at the same time.

    I know you can do it!