Sunday, November 29, 2009

Lovely Things

You lovely things. You lovely girls.
I take you for granted! I'm sorry.

You have diligently reminded me of my goals, and while I have sabotaged them significantly in the last week they are not yet out of reach. It will be hard work. But I can do it. I too can be a lovely lovely thing. Shimmering and svelte, an ethereal Christmas angel.

So the plan starts now!

Tomorrow I want to cleanse myself. Purge myself. Renew myself.
It starts tonight - laxatives then bed.

In the morning:
Diet pills
Caffeine pills

...then straight off to the...

30 mins resistance
30 mins treadmill/eliptical
90 mins yoga
30 mins pool, steam, sauna

Sweat, cleanse, empty, purify
Water water water water
Replace, replenish, refresh, renew

This will take me through to mid afternoon. I will feast on a delicious salad of leafy greens harvested from my own backyard. Nothing more. Crisp, fresh, pure, perfect.

Then just bide my time until bed once more.

Thank you all again


  1. WHY HELLO, soulmate! i am almost about to take offense that in your hour of loneliness, you did not remember that you have a soulmate on the other side of the world! but i won't, of course :D but you'd do well to remember it next time, hmm?

    i am so so so glad you are refreshing/renewing/cleansing/purifying/starting over! sometimes that is so crucial. don't forget to clean your room, too - it makes SUCH a difference when it comes to renewal/etc.

    i too am hoping to become an ethereal wispy christmas let's get started, mmm? and....GO!! we will be thin and we will be light and we will not throw up and we will NOT EAT PIE. (umm sorry that last one was more directed at me..) and we will come shining forth in January thin and lithe and beautiful and glowing.

    many, many kisses, much love!

    xx x

  2. I see you are better now.... Very well..

    I wish I could join your day of renewing and cleansing, I will go to work and learn... but I will think about you and your hopefully perfect day.

    Take good care

  3. sounds like a beautiful plan!
    good luck

  4. Ooooh I like the sound of that!

    It' crazy how much we focus on ourselves but we almost never really "focus" on US, right? I am sure it will do you tons of good.

    Oh salad days, tea days, purifying days, we need them more!
    Have a good day my lovely!