Thursday, November 26, 2009

So today I:

Wrote off my mum's car
Got horribly drunk
Ate lots of food

the end


  1. All we can do is work to make tomorrow better (and skinnier)than today.

  2. o dear.

    that sounds bad.

    You know the only thing worse than that would be? To let whatever is going on carry over to the next day. Grab the reins as soon as possible after and you'll be so glad you dont have to look back and regret how far you let it go after the catalyst.

    Hope tomorrow is better. Love xx

  3. Stay calm, girl.
    Maybe this was a bad day, but obviously you needed it.
    Lulu is right, make tomorrow a new day, and hopefully a better...

    Take good care...

  4. Dearest Pasco.
    Don't fret.
    We're all bound to slip up.
    We just need to know how to fix it and make tomorrow and every other day much much better.

    You've gotten there before.
    There's nothing stopping you now.
    It's possible.

    We will do this.

  5. I agree with the others,
    forget this day,
    erase it from your mind completely.
    take tomorrow and make it a good day,
    we can do this x.