Tuesday, November 17, 2009

hiccupped, frowny face

Did brilliantly well all day, then was sabotaged by friends and booze this evening. I tried, reeeeally tried, to get out of it. Sort of.

The main culprits were red wine and chocolate. But I was able to end the evening early, throw most of it up in the shower, then head to bed where I now type this post. The damage is fairly nominal. the real damage will occur when I wake up tomorrow and all the motivation and power of the last 3 days will have evaporated and I will go "fuck it, why not binge and purge the day away like the ridiculous fucking bitch I am?!"

So really, what I need to do is wake up bright and fresh and keep going strong and not get derailed by a little bit of puked cab merlot. What would be really great would be if I got up at 6am and went for a run on the beach to compensate for my aberration and inspire a little progress.

The alarm is set. Wish me luck!


  1. good luck girl!
    how about we both get up early! i never, ever do. and i have looooads of work to do too.
    its 6am for me too, so i can exercise for a bit and then get my bloody work done!
    we can do it!

  2. Hope you woke up for your run!

  3. Yes, we can do it.
    Thank you Pasco for your words.

    May your morning run be filled with golden light and pastel skys.


  4. Good luck Pasco! Stay strong OK. I know you can do this. xox

  5. Even if you don´t make it to the early morning run, this doesn´t have to mean that all your motivation is gone! I never did some sports this early in the morning ever... And I think I will never do...
    I can still see you reaching your goal until x-mas, booze or not!

    Go get them!

  6. Dont give up sweety.
    Try as hard as you can not to binge!
    Tomorrow is a new day, with new opportunities.
    Give it your best.
    Good luck<3

    Peace Out<3

  7. Good Luck! Stay strong we can do this together!