Monday, January 11, 2010



first day

very late
alarm set
tomorrow do over
tomorrow i will not eat ANYTHING



  1. oh darling OF COURSE you ate massive amounts of pizza, first days of anything are so so stressful and binge-inducing. especially doctorness where you have all kinds of responsibility. it will get better. it will suck and suck the first week or two or three but it WILL get better. soon you will love it and it will give joy to your life. Dr. Pasco, i would trust you with my life any day of the week. would you like to start an advice column? here is your first question.

    Dear Dr. Pasco,
    Recently my allergies have been acting up and i have had a lot of post-nasal drip (which is a nice way to say i'm swallowing shitloads of snot). This has the pleasant effect of rendering me hungerless, but no matter which calorie counter i search on, i just cannot figure out if snot has any calories. If it's made by the body and already in the body, then swallowing it cannot make me fatter, right? Please advise.
    Sincerely yours,
    your beloved, sniffly, and panic-stricken Anise.

    please stay strong, remain standing even if you are swaying dangerously in the wind. you CAN do this and you do not even need giant pizzas to do it :D

    LOVE and a thousand kisses and wishes i could cross the sea and give you real skinny strong hugs

    xx x

  2. OH! :D 2010. you're finally doing the doctor thing. I love your backlog of blogs (even though it wasn't a happy time for you) and i remember the whole going up and down the stairs in your lunch time thing.
    Live on energy drinks? sugarfree of course

  3. Welcome to the Club.
    Don´t worry, it will get better, there will be fun and exitement at work one day, you just have to pass the first like 4 weeks.
    Alcohol is fine after a whole day of being a doctor.
    Pizza is fine after a whole day of being a doctor.
    And getting frustrated and lonely is also fine. Give yourself some time, re-adjust, and carry on living! It is possible, I know that.

    Take good care.

  4. i am not in one tiny smidgy slip of a way offended at your lack of commenting or otherwise! the beautiful thing about blogger, and why i prefer it to living, breathing friends, is that we all (clearly) have our own shit to deal with and sometimes that involves not commenting, or not posting, or posting but not commenting, or commenting but not posting, or doing neither for extended periods of time, and everybody goes through it, and everybody gets it, and i think (hope) it's generally understood that no one should or does take it personally.

    that was a really really long way of saying, no worries, i love you, i think of you when i throw up but only in a loving and not gross kind of way and i hope that's not weird. there's something about sharing the fact with somebody that you've both spent a lot of time shoving half-digested food down the shower drain that will make you both closer than close and always forgiving, no?

    i love you and hope you are ok. my cats are saying hello to your cats, although i imagine that in real life if they were to meet there would be lot of hissing and raised fur. no on our part, though! we would sit at a picnic table in a meadow and listen to the crickets (do you have crickets in australia? golly i hope so) and talk and not eat McFlurries or pizza. maybe the vodka :D

    xx x

  5. sounds like you had a rough day

  6. sounds like my every day life!!! :) lets hang out haha

  7. Don't worry love you will do well! We are all cheering for you here and hope you do the best and still maintain!

    Stay strong love!