Friday, January 1, 2010

Pasco Rose in 2010

Most of the first day of 2010 has now passed me by, all sleeping and recuperation. It left little time for eating, so it is now 5 in the evening and I am empty. So empty. It feels like such a perfect place to start. Last night's flurry of chambourd and champagne and no dinner has left me startlingly hollow and my stomach is flatter than I've seen it in weeks. Lovely.

My incredible new scale just received its initiation and it was terribly impressive! I am 57kg and 18.8% fat. Unpleasant, but soon to transform. It also provided me with all of other delightful tidbits of information about my body composition and most of them were very positive. Apparently I am well hydrated, thin but muscular with the lowest reading of visceral fat possible, a metabolic age of 12 and a basic energy requirement of 1400 calories per day. I actually felt quite proud!

So as of today I am resolute. I will stick out my 50 days of ABC, following the same plan as pre-Christmas. If it becomes impossible or (heaven forbid) I actually get down to my goal weight I will convert it to ABC2, doubling the daily calorie allowance. Or perhaps adding 500 calories to each day. One needs a contingency plan. Now I am going to get stuck into some of my days 500 calories and open up my treasure trove of tablets that I have stashed away in waiting for this merry day. Bliss xxx


  1. That scale sounds amazing!
    18.8% fat is pretty good isn't it? Anything below 15% is supposedly bad I thought.
    Anyway, whatever.
    Good luck with the rest of the ABC, and you're really quite close (ish) to your goal, so it should be easier than you expect x

  2. holy crap I want that scale

    I have scale lust!

    50 days of ABC... good luck! you can do it!

  3. I fricking want that scale! So jealous!