Thursday, September 17, 2009

Why would you pay for pizza you aren't even going to eat?

"So people think I'm eating it"

... So, you're one of those



  1. ha.

    your cauliflower rice is definitely the best idea i have heard in aaaaaaages, i'll have to send you a longer message later, i just wanted to let you know. xx

  2. Been there.

    Done that.

    XD Hard part is not eating it though o.o

  3. Aw. I hate that feeling.
    Especially when you're as low on cash as I am.

  4. ugh, I agree with Margaret.

    I threw away a salad the other day, except someone else bought it for me. Twinge of guilt. But it becomes waste eventually, so who cares what form it is (ew was that too graphic lol?)... it's up to you really.

    Sigh, I'm sleepy and I miss you in a "You're my split apart even though we're 1000s of miles away" kind of way.

  5. why is it so easy to throw up vegetables? i understand about your salad. keep it in! keep it in! some good vitamins and all that in there! not worth the purge, really. not like i can really say anything. i just suck at throwing up burritos. WHY CAN I THROW UP NOTHING BUT VEGETABLES AND ICE CREAM? cursed forever.

    also i was highly disturbed by sweeney todd and i found corpse bride to be unbearable to sit through. i fear tim burton is losing his touch. there was some brilliancy there at the beginning. lately though, i am agreeing with you... however i am kind of in love with both johnny depp and helena bonham carter so i don't know about that. i am pretty much way too manic these days to even sit down for 15 minutes, let alone watch a whole movie.

    anyway, pasco my darling, i love you much. i hope you are feeling all right about that salad. drink some diet coke! i dont know why but that always helps me.


  6. Thanks for your support, Pasco! (:

    When I'm out with friends and I can't avoid eating something fattening i.e fast food, I'll leave the fries (or sometimes half of it if I'm feeling gluttonous that day) to takeaway for my brothers so I don't have to eat all. Not only can I avoid the unnecessary calories, my brothers like it when I bring food home.

    If you don't have any siblings, you could always ask for a doggie bag =p