Monday, September 21, 2009

belle of NOTHING

I haven't been eating terribly since my weigh in Wednesday. Not toooo terribly. Perhaps I wasn't quite so starving as I should have been but I thought I was doing OK.

Sneaked a peak this morning... 53.5 kg... FAIL!

There is no way I can be 50 by Friday unless I lop of a limb and therefore I FAIL.

Pasco will not be belle of the ball after all.
Just another ugly face in the throng of mediocre cows with their orangey spray tanned skin and body shimmer and tasteless up-dos.

Now I'm going to go nuzzle up against the lovely buttery softness of Marc Jacobs and let it soothe away my pain.



  1. Those girls and their orange skin.
    Throw metho on them or something, get them all streaky and shit. That'll teach 'em ;-)

    53 is fantastic. So, so envious.
    I want to be back there.


  2. C'mon now, 53 is a great number. I want to be back there, too.

    Nonsense! I'm sure you'll still be belle of the ball.

  3. Marc Jacobs bag loves you! :) ehehehhehe that's awesome

  4. I wish I was 53kg Oh I'm so jealous!
    I'm a shocking 81.6kg
    I know shamefull.
    Trust me, all will envy you at the Ball.

  5. belle of the ball? fuck that! who needs to be? you are belle of my heart.

    you will be beautiful out there nonetheless. 53 kg is damn skinny! i had to do the conversion to pounds but turns out it is damn skinny. ok? please try and have a wonderful time anyway, despite the 3.5 kg? please? if you are wearing a dress half as pretty as the ones in that photo no one would notice even 6 kg.

    oh Pasco, you are lovely! and you will be lovely at the ball. i am staying strong and not eating McFlurries so you must be strong too. ok?

    LOVE xxx

  6. Heyheyhey, Bella! You mightn't be fifty by Friday, but you still have three and a bit days! You can get close!

    Think pretty, unlike me. Because, you ARE pretty. Therefore, you will be perfect/lovely/sex-bomb-ish. LOVEYA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (I also love corny exclamation marks ;))

  7. come on now, 53 is a number to be proud of, I also had to do the conversion, but it's a good number! and you've still got a few days if you really feel that bad, I know you will be the most beautiful thing there.
    give the orange girls some baby wipes from me x

  8. Maybe it's water rentention? I find the more I pare down my diet, the more any amount of salt or carbs will cause me to bloat. For example, I used to be able to eat three bowls of miso soup - now I eat one and I bloat up like a blimp. Bread does the same thing.

    But try not to be too down on yourself! I know it's hard, but you'll still be thinner than most if not all the other people at the party. You may not be perfect (yet), but you're better than them! <3

  9. I hope buttery leather was enough to ease your pain but please do also rermember that you cant be sensible and put on 1.5kgs, you and i both know that a lot of that is water retention/bloating whatever and not a reason to undo good work. i want pictures of how fucking awesome you look in your skinny dress with that beautiful bag on your arm ok?! good.

    (and i'm still wracking my brains for ways to get you here, so far fedex is my cheapest brainwave...) xx

  10. And HEY! In June, you were told this: "Thought you should know you are the prettiest girl I have seen in a long time..." by a mysterious man who you never saw again.

    No complaining. Because you're beautiful.

    The prettiest girl a STRANGER had seen in a long time.

    Can you tell I am reading from start to finish of this blog repeatedly?

    And then learning it by heart.

    Because it is beautiful, like you are.

    Alright, corn is over for tonight. Love you, cheer up, Sex-Bomb.

    Oh, and write another post! I need entertainment. (you've just read selfish commandment no. 52346987134672304569872405698247

  11. ) I always forget to end my brackets...

  12. erm, ok, HOW have I not clicked on your blog sooner? How, how? Mistake well and truly learnt.

    1) your blog is UH-MAY-ZING
    2) That rose in the background - UH-MAY-ZING
    3) The picture in this post - UH-MAY-ZING
    4) I hit myself for not reading you sooner...

    1,2,3 and follow x

    hope you are ok - I will be needing to read your entire blog to make informed comments, so let me just start with: I am Amanda, I LOVE YOUR BLOG X

  13. NO. nononononononononono. You musn't quit.
    A bit of order: yes.
    Bouncing back: yes.
    Being the belle of the ball at whatever weight: hell yes!

    I am with you Pasco, come on, it's getting back on track time.

  14. In the next 3 days you can probably lose most of that anyway, and even if you don't, let's face it, you'll be far more stunning than the throng of too tight satin and hair so hard yould could crack eggs on it. A breath of fresh air in a toxic cloud of cheap perfume :) xxxxxxx