Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Belle of the Ball

The medical students' society's annual ball is on Friday 25th September. As a final year student I make it my duty to attend. As a social outcast I make it my duty to blow everyone away. It's a fairly cliched Cinderella fantasy - the ugly duckling emerging as a beautiful swan. OK, so I'm mingling my fairytales here, but you get the picture.

It is one of those rare occasions where I have an actual event, a public appearance, a proper reason to really strive for a goal.

So, the goal?



Really I suppose it is 16 days, because I'm about to go to sleep. And I have no idea how much weight I need to lose to reach 50kg because I haven't weighed myself at all in days or properly in weeks. I'd guess anywhere between 53kg and 55kg. If I'm 55 my goal is pretty impossible. If I'm 53, doable. Thing is, I don't know if I'll even be able to bring myself to weigh in tomorrow morning. I've had awful scalephobia lately. I'm considering not weighing myself at all up until the 25th and just holding my breath and hoping like crap I've hit 50.

It's ridiculous! I'm ridiculous! OK, so I think I'd better just suck it up and check my weight in the morning. Then it'll be time to get serious. I've got a few good days behind me now. If I work my butt of I can do it.

I'm seeing my psych tomorrow, I suspect he would disapprove.



  1. whatever! screw your psych! i like your goal! you understandably want to feel beautiful beautiful for the ball--i would.

    i recommend a juice fast (including things like milk and V8) and just consuming a reasonable amount of calories via juices and liquids. then you won't be hungryhungry and inclined to binge or break fast and for some reason (which you ought to know, oh medical professional!) weight still comes off oh-so-quick and the belly gets nice and flattt and you feel goood! buy some yummy exciting caloric beverages that you wouldn't normally drink and have fun! i did a three-day liquid fast like this and i was happy as a bug in a rug and lost a lot of accumulated weight and it was GOOD.

    anyway. LOVE LOVE LOVE! from fishes who love mingled fairytales!

  2. That's my birthday :)
    I'm sure you'll do fine and look gorgeous. xox

  3. I agree with Anise, juice fast for sure if you can. The weight comes off fast. Loads of water and healthy juice. In fact, try it for one day and see how much weight you lose, I bet you'd be surprised. Those little bits of calories in juice will help keep your metabolism up (goodness gracious, I feel like I've typed this a million times today, I sound like a broken record...). I hope you reach your goal for the ball and have a fabulous time!

  4. I wish I had an event to motivate me. Instead it's like "UH...FRIDAY! Yeah, by Friday I'll lose weight."

    Hey, wait, today's Tuesday...

  5. HOLY CRAP pasco, you cracked me up with your comment, no kidding, i am sitting alone in my apartment laughing hysterically with the cats staring at me. HAHAHAHAHA! you are AWESOME. i want to eat your veggie smoothies! yummmm.

    i have in the past had a *ahem* problem with Fruit Loops but lucky (?) for me i have now SHHHHH thrown them up enough to know not to buy them. so don't eat them! just sayin'...

  6. I'm sure you'll make it Pascoe!
    Wow... 50kg is my ultimate goal. If I lost anymore people would start to ask questions. But I've gained even though I'm restricting and exercising. >.< I feel like a whale... ugh.
    Anyway, best of luck!